Info request on these two cars

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  1. I remember seeing these two prototypes on early 90's magazines. Can someone please give me some info and pictures of these two cars? Thanks.
  2. Jiotto Caspita 1989-Tria Design Lynx concept car 1992.

  3. 1992 Tria-Design Lynx


  4. 1989 Jiotto Caspita V12

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    Actually this is a second model of Caspita and it has 3.5 Liter F1 Judd V10 (577 HP). First model has had a 3.5 liter 450 HP boxer-12 Motori Moderni detuned Formula One engine. This engine was badged as Subaru for the ill-fated Coloni F1 team in the early 90s (which mostly failed to qualify for most of its races),

    specs for 450 HP : top speed 320 km/h , 0-100 km/h in 4.7 sec
    soecs for 577 HP : top speed 350 km/h , 0-100 km/h in 3.3 sec
  6. anybody knows if i am right ??
  7. sounds right

    too bad they died off because they are actually pretty sleek designs, they could be better though
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    it sounds like that:

    Dallara 191 has he same engine... (Judd GV V10)
  9. yes, and it was financed by a women's underwear company.
  10. ah the Jiotto.. the #1 "what car is this?" car.

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