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  1. Post what you know about the Mercedes CLR. What are the differences between the CLR and CLK-GTR other than the different body shapes?
  2. the clr can fly the clkgtr cant...other than that the clr had a v8 only raced in one race "Lemans" retired because of the flyin problem....the clkgtr had a v12 raced in the FIA gt during 97 and won 6 out of 10 races..there also was a clk lm... that car also raced in lemans but retired..but it won 10 out of 10 races in the 98 FIA gt season...
  3. The CLR looks #$%#ing tight.

    Minus the smooshed front end.
  4. it sure does, I love this pic
  5. Most exotic looking supercar IMO.
  6. the clr came out because in 1999 because the rules changed and because there was in a new class of racing , LMP. For 1999 there was no GT1 class, this is what the clk-gtr raced in the previous years.

  7. I remember seeing the car go flying when I was watching LeMans. first think I thought was holy sh**!!
  8. if only it were a supercar
  9. and thinking that the driver was dead, was it Peter Dumbreck who was driving i think.
  10. I'd say it looks better than CLK GTR.
  11. there isn't a road legal clr?
  12. The CLR can fly.
  13. nope
  14. the CLK LM was just the CLK-GTR though wasn't it
  15. yep
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  17. no there are visual differences
  18. i didn't know the clk lm won 10 out of 10 fia gt races. That's a pretty awesome achievement.

    Was McLaren involved with the clk-gtrs?
  19. CLK LM used a 5.0 V8 that had a similar power output to the GTR but less torque but was about 600kg lighter
  20. The 1997-98 Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR was a pure sports racer (25 were produced). The CLK-LM was also campaigned at Le Mans and the FIA-GT but there are some road-legal versions out there (Very few). The 1999 Mercedes-Benz CLR was a brand-new car designed to tackle Le Mans after their embarrassing showing in 1998; Both Mercedes team cars were out of the race within the first 2 hours due to the same mechanical problem. I've heard that Mercedes-Benz spent over 100 million dollars to develope those 3 new CLR's for the 1999 Le Mans race. The first CLR flipped in the morning practice before the race started. The ACO required the two remaining CLR's to add winglets to the front of the cars for added downforce so it wouldn't happen again. Two hours into the race, the second CLR flipped as it moved out of the slip-stream of a Toyota GT1. Team Mercedes decided to withdraw their 3rd entry immediately following the incident. Where the surviving CLR is today......I have no idea.

    Other cars that have flipped:
    1998 Porsche 911 GT1 '98 (Petit Le Mans)
    1999 BMW V12 LMR (Unknown....but it did flip somewhere)
  21. Thanks.
    Now the comment about the CLRs having a flying problem is quite funny.
    Unless, the accident did the driver any harm.
  22. It had a V8 engine.
  23. Sweet air.

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