#$%#ing heavy for a rally car !

Discussion in '1978 Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC Rallye' started by amenasce, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. almost 2 tons ? this is the weight of today's SL 55 AMG which is a street car with all the techno gizmos and the retractable roof !

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    they probably had the ac in there with dvd players and stuff ya kno the works.....
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    Well, you have to remember, rallying had a different set of rules and was only being developed back then. You also have to remember, this car was top of the line back then too. I do agree that it is a little on the heavy side and the 3spd auto does make this car a little on the funny side.<!-- Signature -->
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    In rallying this car proved to be very effective.
    The high weight gave it good stability.
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    This car was never a good rally car, but it didn't weight nearly two tons as it says in the stats, it weighted around 1540kg, wich for a rally car is still a lot when you consider that a Mk II BDA Escort could weight as little as 910kg an it developed 272bhp.
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