#$%#ing pot heads

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    A 20-year-old Nebraska man is accused of trying to calm his kitty by getting the feline high.

    Acea Schomaker thought his 6-month old cat, Shadow, was just too wound up, so Schomaker built a plastic bong and grabbed some pot.

    Shortly thereafter, officers responding to a separate call saw the man firing up the bong with Shadow trapped inside the box.

    They said Schomaker told them he was hoping to calm the cat by smoking him into submission.

    He was arrested and cited for misdemeanor animal cruelty and paid a $400 fine. He also faces drug charges.

    Shadow was dazed, but was reported to be doing well and in good hands at the local Humane Society.
  2. Potheads are the craftiest people ever when it comes to smoking devices
  3. What a moron
  5. not even in Holland
  6. Ya, this dude would still be a retard if he didn't smoke.
  7. homemade bongs with my engineering degree
  8. you just blow it in their faces it works ok that way man no need to make it freak out in a box maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
  9. looks like vicious's buddy
  10. My name's Tim, and I'm a criminal.
  11. only in amsterdam
  12. i wish hed have used your name in the thread title or something, like the old spyder would have
  14. typical pothead
  15. i miss this too
  16. i wanna make one of these

    nicer than most store bought bongs
  17. why don't you learn to blow glass instead, you lazy stoner ****?
  18. I've hit a lot of homemade bongs, including ones built by engineering students that were 4 feet tall and could convert into hookahs... but nothing can hit as hard as a straight-pipe Roor. Full stop, end of story.
  19. My name's Terry and I'm a law abider
  20. What about a shoe box with a cat inside?
  21. Man, if you could see half the devices I've constructed over the years... The newest, 'Homer's Bucke,' is totally the mose devastating device ever. I'll make a video of it if anyone's curious
  22. This, apparently, is how Nebraska rolls.
  23. This, apparently, is how Nebraska rolls.

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