#$%#ing pot heads

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. High-end pet convention
  2. When I was a stupid kid I made a bong out of plumbing parts and this big glass jar thing.
  3. You blow it into their ears.
  4. What else can you do in Nebraska?
  5. Let me just throw it out there that my bong hits harder and smoother than any Roor I have tried. Double perc glass on glass with a carbon filter and diffuser on the first stem. The whole thing is fumed, too. So it looks real pretty in the sunlight. Type 'young man in bali garly bowl' to see it in action. The video is called trendy sillouhette or something, look for my name
  6. I will have to try this bong one day.
  7. I want to put him in my car exhaust bong to stop him moving so much.

    Faggot got off #$%#ing lightly.
  8. haha, it's Macaulay Culkin
  9. Did ya see the vid?
  10. Link it I can't find it.
  11. Type 'bali trendy' in youtube, its the first one. You totally didn't try to find shit
  12. (L)
  13. oh #$%#... oh #$%# this is SO PRIME
  14. I typed "trendy silhouette" and it was the first one there
  15. Copy/paste failed me the first time. You made that yourself?
  16. The video? Yes I made that myself. The bong, I bought for about $350 then added about $150 worth of upgrades.
  17. Oh okay, thought you meant the bong was homemade. I would have been very impressed. What were the upgrades?
  18. Stage IV exhaust
  19. jeepers, i prolly would be looking into a volcano for that kind of money
  20. cold air intake would be more accurate
  21. what does a bong even do
  22. Well, that's if you want a vaporizer. I wanted a nice bong.
  23. You pull the smoke through water, which catches all the ash and most of the tar. So it cleans up the smoke a lot. It also condenses the smoke so you can inhale more smoke at one time than you could with a pipe or joint.
  24. ugh i hate drug users.
  25. Plus its hilarious when your dumb friend spills the bong water all over himself.

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