#$%#ing pot heads

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  1. Vapos are weak.
  2. it'll get you way higher than the bong on the same amount of weed

    not nearly as cool as a sick bong, given, but feels serious good man
  3. Not at all. Gravity bong > highest/harshest
  4. I seriously disagree with the first statement, it's a totally different kind of high, it's missing the effect of cannabinoids. I don't like it as much.
  5. It's a very different high, yes. But what's nice about vaporizers is that, when cooked at the correct temperature, the leftovers still have a certain amount of those canabanoids left in the plant material. Those particular canabanoids are perfect for cooking with. So in essence, you can reuse your pot. It's a highly efficient way to utilize all your buds.

    But yeah, you don't get the same high because you only get the 'high' part of the weed, the outer trichomes. There is still plenty in the plant. When you smoke/burn it, you get the works, which is why you get that more sedated high (couch lock).

    What ultimately rules is cooking a bunch of cannafood, eating it all day, while smoking on a vaporizer. I have noticed that when I am eating cannabis, bong rips, joints, whatever, dont seem to have much of an effect. Because I already have that body high/couch lock factor going, but lack the head buzz.
  6. I do have to say though, that vaporizers are just about the only thing that can get me 'too high.' Not because they have a stronger effect, but because since there is no smoke (and if there is more than just a little cloud, you're cooking it too hot), I tend to forget that I am doing anything, and just keep sucking on it. And I will do this for a very long time, as hard as I can. Then, before I know it, I can't keep a straight face.

    Bongs, you see a ton of smoke, you cough, you know you're ripped, and it hits super fast. Plus the combo of 100% of the canabanoids is just stronger in general.

    I guess what I am saying is that - in my opinion, they are on an equal level. There are 3 ways to ingest THC, that is consumption, vaporization, and burning/smoking. All 3 have different feels. Depending on what you want, depends on how you should administer the drug.

  7. I haven't ripped a bong in years.

    I have a nice pipe here. Want to see it ESP?
  8. Absolutely.

    Wanna see my glass collection?
  9. vapos are #$%#ing awesome man, especially considering you can make one for free in 2 minutes
  10. this thread is making me crave...
  11. I still like a joint the best. But I've smoked out of plastic bottles so I'll take pretty much anything.
  12. Hell yeah, New thread!
  13. stfu vicious
  14. yuh
  15. made me indulge

    #$%#ing pot heads
  16. This is all I could find on such short notice. I am missing two pipes and one more bong.... weird.
  17. my friend's haloween costume was a pot on his head, we went to a haloween party where there was another guy with the same "costume". They got pretty baked and decided they should collide their "pot-heads" and resulted in a broken nose. Was petty hilarious.
  18. The WSU Cougar Sherlock natural bubbler. This is one of a kind. It even holds a Bic lighter perfectly so you can pass with one hand, or just keep one in it at all times. Hand blown, inside out coloring with a WSU Cougar in the bead. I won't say how much this one cost.

    Following that is what I call "Comfort Pipe" - It's just a nice big spoon with a really huge bowl and a big carb. You can really torch on this thing. Grind it up and smoke like Gandolf here, boys.
  19. That sounds like a really good time that they had. Seriously.
  20. hello friend

    are you watching the "lost"
  21. Recording it to watch it with my friend later.
  22. Here is the Steamroller/Bubbler, most call them a 'Stubbler.' This thing hit's like a train on a brick wall. Plus, I can do badass smoke tricks with it.

    Next is a personal favorite, the Bubbling Glass Hooter. For knife hits. Never before have knifers been so smooth. Usually, they are done in a super ghetto fashion with some sort of 2-liter bottls with the bottom cut off, flipped inside out, taped in, and filled with ice. But this is the 'classiest way to smoke in the ghettoist fashion,' as I always say.
  23. I watched real world: brooklyn instead

    wtching the "lost" tonite
  24. explain the logistics of the "knifer", plz.

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