#$%#ing ugly

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R' started by mgbgt73, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Again proof that the japs only make ugly plastic tuperware cars...
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    I don't think so. Have you ever seen one in real life? To me it looks like a mini Viper and its almost as fast. It is very small but thats where its advantage is. It doesn't need 320 hp like the Supra and the Trans-Am to go 0-60 in 5 seconds and it even beats that by .1 for a 0-60 in 4.9. If you want to see an ugly car look up Vectors and Fords.
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    Well put...
    This car is as Bautiful as the Vipers...
    and vipers aint ugly.
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    i think it looks pretty damn good, better than yo mama
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    lol...now thats funny!!!
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    This car isn't AS beautiful as a Viper. Much better than that.
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    Nah...i'd take a Viper over this any day...but this is still a Bautiful car.
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    Well, different people, different opinions. I've got nothing against you
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    well this whole place ia about opinions...
    thats all ppl ever argue about...
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    #$%#ing STUPID
    SHUT THE **** UP, go learn some shit, do some history before you talk shit about a legend, i bet your gonna bring that american junk too huh?
    ***** please
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    ya i know, dont make fun of the rotary, it is a beautiful car, it looks alot better up close though
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    damn don't be so harsh, even if american cars are the worst made.
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    but they don't...
    americans make some damn good cars!
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    holy shit i want this car....
    and this isn't ugly!
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    uhhh yeah suuuure
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    It's people like you that make foreigners hate Americans. Stop using the word Jap and start giving this car some credit. It's a good car, and although American cars are my favorite, you make us Americans look bad.
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    You're #$%#ing stupid! How can you say American cars suck? Sure, I like foreign cars, but it's people like you that makes Americans hate your cars. Man, quit being a ***** and start respecting American cars, you asshole! I can name a whole bunch of good cars made by Americans, you dumb idiot.
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    On the last post, I meant to quote that #%$got SnikwaD!
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    I Have One Word To Describe An Idiot Like You And Its Retard, And About The Viper Looking Like This, In A Way Maybe But Anyhow I Rather Take This Over A Viper, Just Cause It Handles Better
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    heh....right.....love the gt's. but, u wont to compare modern day mg's to even late 80's rx7s?

    u idiot.......
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    Although I generally hate Japanese cars (I know they are better and more efficient than most cars so don't call me ignorant) but I cannot say this is ugly. I definately would not buy one, but i can't say it is ugly. In fact, after a couple beers it actually starts to look like a distant relative of the corvette....
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    i think im gonna make a report on the guy who started this thread. the sad thing is, he makes a thread sayin how ugly the car is and he jus could have kept it to himself and not visit this forum. pretty pathetic if u ask me.
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    I think the RX-7 is one of the most beautiful cars to come out of Japan, along with the Supra, 300ZX and Skyline. I bet it's drag coifeciant is really low too thanks to the low-slung hood and front fasia. I don't know about it looking like a Viper though....
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    loooool, you're a jackass, do you know that?, that car so beautiful, YOU won't know the difference between your face and ass. I didn't like the RX-7 at first, thought it was alright, until I saw it infront of me, it's one of the most beautiful cars I ever seen, and jap cars aren't ugly, they are pretty, they look even better that your pimple filled ass of a face.

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