#$%#ing ugly

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R' started by mgbgt73, Sep 20, 2002.

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    As mentioned some where here I think. But this is to back it up.

    GM openly acknowledged that they copied the FD RX-7 when the C5 was released in 94 (or was it 95?). When the FD RX-7 hit the streets in early 92 (US=May92) GM took more than a close look at its design theme.

    Shrink down a pic of the Vette & you have a hard time picking it from an RX-7. I know I have to look twice when I spot a Vette in the traders magazines here down under. 50 pics + text per page makes them small........
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    anyone who says that this car is fuking ugly has something seriously wrong with them. For one its nicer then any car you'll ever have and second it's just really nice man so anyone who says other wise is a homo.
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    yea. .this is one of the cleanest looking cars out there
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    well i liked Mazdas for a long time...
    then i relized that the Vipers, Corvettes and other American muscle is betta...
    but i still like these and Toyota Supras are damn good...
    and i agree with SkylineFreak that this looks like the Vipers in a sort of way...
    and no...this car ain't ugly!
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    like a *****, i hope u get smacked
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    u r an asshole. u just keep bagging japanese cars coz ur one racist son of a *****
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    Necesito $13000 para tener uno de estos, quien me ayuda!? a propósito, sería el único en mi ciudad, make my dream come thrue!!!
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    this car is art in motion~
    i love this car and the viper~~~~
    many say that its the son of viper but i hav to say that its on its own~~~
    the rotary engine is a very unique way to generate power
    and pullin out 280 (i think?) is pretty impressive to me~
    the body has sex appeal~~~~ ^^
    this is one car is would want to buy anyday~
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    no, just u!
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    Hey #$%# you! Your just jealous that you cant have one of these sweet jap cars that will rape any muscle car any day!
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    pffffft, well its better than the ugly plastic tuperware POS u like or drive.
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    best looking RX-7 to date, period
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    Again proof that there retards around these websites that make retarded posts

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