Inglourious Basterds

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Innotech, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. I had the opportunity to watch this movie. I actually kind of liked it, but it seemed like a really rushed and incomplete movie. anyone else thought the same thing?
  2. Brad Pitt looks/sound so american.

    That's how the rest of the world view you all guys.
  3. such a shit movie
  4. Lol at him pretending to be Italian, especially after stating that he was the best at speaking Italian of the 3 guys they picked.
  6. The other two must've been Schwarzenegger and Whoopie Goldberg then or something, haha.
  7. Bungerno
  8. Yeah, I wanted to see a lot more guerilla warfare and get to know those characters.

    But it didn't happen.
  9. only good part was when they pumped the rubber hitler mask full of fire works.

    I'm lying, there were a few other good parts.

    two thumbs down.
  10. I think it was a pretty good movie.
  11. I think it feels like this because it was a Tarantino movie... still awesome.
  12. It's good, but not A-Class. Tarantino tries too hard.
  13. i liked it.

    one thing, and one thing only, killin' gnatzis.
  14. didnt like one bit of it. im not a fan of tarantino in general.
  15. It was entertaining. Not an especially good movie, but very entertaining.
  16. It was definitely entertaining, and had some WTF moments in it, but what Tarantino movies don't?
  17. like all tarantino..tries too hard.
  18. the first tarantino movie with half the cast being german and I only thought it was ok, not great, not bad, but ok :-/
  19. i loved that movie. not an amazing story or anything, but fun to watch.
  20. Tarantino movies are never about the story, it's about awesome dialogue between characters.

    The opening scene in the farm house was classic Tarantino dialogue, and I really liked that part.
  21. same with the scene in the bar
  22. Dialogue is exactly why I love Tarantino movies.
  23. Would you give me a foot massage?

    But yeah all of his movies have some wtf moments and some are not that good, but the dialogues usually make up for it.

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