Innocent Dolphins Massacred

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dbworld4k, Mar 26, 2007.

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  2. #$%#ing asians. royally #$%#ed up continent.
  3. Ugh. That was horrible.
  4. they needed to completely fill the tuna cans before going to market?
  5. I can't see the video but #$%# I HATE ASIANS SO MUCH.

    I'm dead serious, I will trade a Dolphins life for a China asians life.
  6. wut
  7. You are hella lucky you cant see it. There is some disturbing sufferring going on.
  8. I can't watch this or anything like this. #$%#ing people sometimes, I swear.
  9. When I first saw Alaskan king crab fishermen on the Discovery channel (way before the Deadliest catch series), I used to see them tossing the crabs into the holding areas of the ship. They'd fill it so full the crabs would be bulging out. They'd have to stomp on the lid just to get it closed, severing crabs in half as they did it. I used to sit there and imagine the public outcry if the same thing were done to puppies/dogs. If it's cute/cuddly/smart, or we can personify it enough, we care. If it's just an ugly crustation, then 99% of the public could give a shit. The double standard always kills me. Not to say this isn't sad... But where is the animal loving narrator + somber music for all the ants I killed outside my door yesterday?
  10. Are there dolphins that are not innocent?
  12. Word.
  13. "...benign and innocent beings..."

    Bullshit. Dolphins are one of the handful of species on this planet that engages in rape. Intelligence = violence.

    EDIT: There are probably better ways to kill them. All that thrashing probably screws up the meat. A 12-ga to the head would be quicker, kinder, and probably better for the meat.
  14. holy #$%#... that's not right.
  15. I never thought I'd see the day we agreed on something.
  16. it's good for their heart to pump out the blood. that's why they still often bleed cows to death.
  17. I've never had problems with heart of venison. Venison that was shot by me.
  18. Interesting what some people deem alright. Interesting look at the human mind and social customs.
  19. Crabs are barely more conscience than ants. Dolphines are a lot different.

    god are you lame.
  20. That's a slippery slope that I doubt you want to travel with me.
  21. Where do you draw the line? If slaughtering ants is ok, how about chickens? Pigs? Cats? How intelligent do you have to be before you're deemed worthy of our concern?
  22. STFU and get off your high horse.
  23. How do you think Indians feel about the slaughtering tons of cows every day?

    Our love for dolphins is no different/biased.
  24. There are some who believe all creatures are worthy of our concern, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we can't kill them for food. It's all about how much respect they're shown as creatures before and during the act of slaughter. There's a considerable difference between beheading a free-range chicken quickly and keeping a chicken locked up in a cage so small it can't stretch its wings for its entire life and then cutting off its limbs for the hell of it before finally killing it (ala the infamous KFC video). I haven't watched the dolphin video, but I can only assume by the general reaction it is getting that they weren't being killed in a very humane manner.
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    Here is one answer from utube user..


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