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    A number of you guys may already subscribe to the Drive channel on YouTube. If you don't, it's highly recommended:

    Their latest video is the first in a 9-part series of videos presented by CvK, about his company and cars.

    Drive's production quality is usually way up there so regardless of how much one particular bell end has ruined the cars for you, it will probably still be worth a look.
  2. Yeah I've been meaning to subscribe for ages, thanks for reminding me lol, just did. They always have quality vids
  3. The king. I can listen to CvK talk about the cars all day long and can't wait to see more.
  4. Doesn't your arm get sore?
  5. Doesn't your arm get sore?
  6. Is he ever going to have a successful racing team?
  7. He already has a successful race team, they're just not allowed to race. Understand.
  8. I cannot trust a man with no hair

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