Insider info on the R8!!!!!

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    as long as you get replys such as "it looks like a diablo" etc.'s just not good enough ,i suppose you're not trying to design something like the new huynday coupe which is basically a joint of exotic cars'lines.....
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    Good modifications, but use smaller wheels and try actually designing your own car instead of simply modifying the lines of established cars. Just a helpful suggestion , no offense ment.
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    The wheels are the first thing to get my attention, but only because they are too big. Leave the spoiler on it. Looks good, but it might be b/c it's in black. Use another color, like red, and that should decide the greatness of the car design. <!-- Signature -->
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    hey finally more people that are old school, usin paint. lol im one of them and i can also draw pretty good with it for a 12 year old that dont know much about it.
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    ok here i fixed the old one and took the spolier out cuase it looked bad but i think this one looks good!
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    i like this one, reminds me a little of the old bmw m1, infused with a diablo and an esprit. looks cool. only thing i dont like is the huge wheels. other than that, it kicks ass<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm confused, which car are you commenting on? Mine or the other one that's posted?
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    Looks like a combo of Lotus Esprit and Lamborghini Diablo, but it is difficult to see as U have only drawn a side-view.
    Tried to compare it to the Esprit in Photoshop - have a look...
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    Youre design hmmm thats a real new idea but i think maybe lamborghini may have got there first so make up a new idea. And i think you are speaking through youre arse when you say you designed it I think you copyed a cartoon picture of a diablo. If it is youre idea you should maybe do something like a new design so it stands out. Oh and bmw's suck lama's cock for all I care. Good luck with the car if its your design. Oh and dont bollocks about the R8 u bastard!!

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    good overall, too much resemblance to a lambo. . .use smaller wheels plz. otha than dat they look excellant
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    Hey i just made my own car for the first time using paint shop pro! anyways tell me what's good about it and what i should change! i think the front is a bit messed up but i'll fix it later! so tell me what you think! thanks

    btw i think it's pretty good for a first timer don't you think! lol
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    Your basic design looks good, but it's kinda hard to tell with the color and the single view. Could you render an isometric view?<!-- Signature -->
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    that looks like a 550 maranello, with bigger wheelz, and a shorter front!!1<!-- Signature -->
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    Lol, 11secdawgs post if hilarious. You honestly draw those cars in MS Paint? That's #$%#ing amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I can't belive you don't work for BMW or some other major car maker. I think most peoiple in the posts are jealous of you because I can hardly find anything that I don't think is tight as hell on your cars. Keep up the good work.
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    hey, that latest "Evolved" bmw m3 looks WAAAY to much like a 02' or later model Dodge Viper GTS. I would give u some good programs to use if u tell me the program to use plus ill give u a dollar. hehe. and i bet i could make a better car than u! <!-- Signature -->
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    Fine, I'll tell you straight up. How does Microsoft Paint sound? That's right, you all have it on your PC. Plain and simple. As for you buddy, you owe me a dollar, better programs (than paint), a dollar, and of course.......... A BETTER CAR!!!! I will completely forget about the other offers if you can open up paint and draw up that car to impress me. Thanks buddy.....<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm not gonna tell u guys what program I use, but I will tell u one thing... so far none of you mentioned the right one. I have included another picture of an evolution of the BMW M3. This one is aerodynamically advanced.<!-- Signature -->
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    ....about the R8R....

    This car is the LMP to end all other LMP cars.

    They can change the transmission in like, 3 minutes I think, or 30 minutes.... the body shell comes apart in many places, so they can interchange the spoilers and tire/wheel combinations for rain, heat, etc. If the wind is blowing hard, the driver just has to pit for a few minutes, while other cars must either pit for a helluva lotta time, or just stick it and hope to win.

    This car is to LMP-class as the BMW M5 is to sedans in general--

    people always come up with their own ideas to dethrone it, yet it always kicks them in the nuts. Audi, however, has succeeded with the RS6....but only for a short time, as the next M5, due in 2004, will sport a 500hp F1-derived V10 and the cojones to whup a Porsche.
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    hey how do you design cars??....what program are you using??...and where can i find it??...thank you
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    may be an extended version of Autocad for some parts.

    but I think they use a soft like Dassault's CATIA , which has already been used for some racing cars.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from lysator</i>
    <b>Good Overall. Smaller Wheels for sure and LOWER PROFILE TYRES!!! Too much Diablo-Pagani Looking. Try Sth More Original.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    draw the car from different angles, looks too "boxy" almost like a countach, have more flowing lines and the car should look more original,
    and oh yeah make the tires smaller
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    Add me to the list of people that hate the wheels. The large wheels make it look like a micromachine and make the wheelbase look shorter than it actually is. Not only that but they look rather cartoonish and way out of proportion with the rest of the car. The design is pretty unorignal. The wedge shape has been cornered by quite a few car manufactuers. If you want a car that looks totally original and different from other cars, start with race car designs and work backwards. That's how we got great cars like the Porsche Dauer 962, Jaguar XJ220 road car, Ford GT40 road car, and the new Ferrari F60. Worry about things like creating downforce and venting the brakes and getting cold air to the engine and the car will come into it's own.
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    I had no idea BMW had plans for an M2. I think it's a sweet idea, the M1 was possibl the most kick ass BMW ever. What design contest are you talking about, I would appreciate some more info. <!-- Signature -->
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    haha that name is actually taken. the m2 i've seen a design for it. in actuality there's a site that was posted by supercars like a couple months ago that showed a huge number of bmws. the m2 is supposed to be the next generation mclaren or something and it looks completely different. your car is pretty good considering you made it yourself. i can see a espirit/diablo image on it but its still pretty original. your entering in that mt design contest?
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    The height of hte wheels looks good comapred to the height of the car.
    BUT the car looks too tall for its length.
    That's what gives it the exaggerated wheels appearance.

    It does look too much like a Lambo.
    Hard to avoid though. Lambo has a lockdown on the planar, wedge shape. Lambos don't have any fenders to speak of, so that does set this apart. The profile though is exactly the same.

    The Pagani is much smoother, with plenty of curves. I don't think this resembles the Pagani at all.

    I wouldn't say the tail is too long.
    It looks like typical longtail bodywork, like the Dauer 962.
    <!-- Signature -->

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