Insider info on the R8!!!!!

Discussion in '2002 Audi R8' started by Thrilling, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Well, The car does somewhat resemble the Diablo or the Pagani, but It is still origional. I think the best place to go is the art collage of San Fransico. They have Auto Design courses. E-mail me for their website.<!-- Signature -->
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    Here's another design I made, I call this the BMW M2. I think this would've been the perfect replacement for the legendary M1 in the early to mid 90's. Tell me how you like it.<!-- Signature -->
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    I get the big wheel critisism alot. And eventhough i respect your opinion I still think the car doesn't look half as good w/ smaller wheels. For those of you that think that this design is somehow copied are 100% wrong. Please go look at any other car in production and tell me how my car looks the same. I can't think of one car that looks the same as this. <!-- Signature -->
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    You made this from scratch? I hardly thinks so. It looks like a combination of the Esprit and Diablo. The only changes are the headlights, taillights, and huge wheels. I'm sorry, but try again when you can come up with an original design.<!-- Signature -->
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    um, yeah top one is nicer. rather the lights and porportions - though i rather it without the wing. the only problem i can see is it is very Lambo-ish, though that is sometimes hard to help. perhaps muck around with the front boot area as it doesn't really need to be there (like the Lotus Elise, Ferrari F50 or even this Audi R8). this is an area where you can get downforce by running the air under and across the front of the car in various ways. aerodynamically its the most important part of the design. (though i'm assuming you only have side views and not started on the front & rear)

    also perhaps try decreasing the overhand at the don't want to create too big a moment of inertia for yourself.<!-- Signature -->
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    I like the top one more. Pull the headlights back more tho. The wheelz definitely need to be smaller and make the backlights either red or white, but not both.
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    Good Overall. Smaller Wheels for sure and LOWER PROFILE TYRES!!! Too much Diablo-Pagani Looking. Try Sth More Original.<!-- Signature -->
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    Well... The basic shape of the cars are nice and i really like the rear lights, but the wheels are toooooo big.
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    some feedback please, it really is important to me. if you can't see the image it will load shortly right under the post. <!-- Signature -->
  10. Ok, so honestly I have nothing to say about the R8 exept for the fact that it is one breathtaking piece of German engineering. The reason I put up this topic is to give the world a chance to look into what I've been working on for the past weeks. I made my own supersports car from scratch and I would love to hear some honest opinions on the design. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can offer me.<!-- Signature -->

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