Insult for the SS

Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS' started by 91FirebirdV8Formula, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Any car with the SS (Super Sport) tag on it should be at least around 300 hp! Anything less, then it's not a real SS. Back in the day, the SS icon meant something. Now it seems they can just put it on any damn car they want. How about the Yugo SS?
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    hell yes man
    there was a time SS meant you were running in the 12's off the showroom floor and your car had some #$%#n power getting put to the ground
    but now with the camaro gone and front wheel drive cars taking over Chevy's fleet the glory of american muscle is starting to fade
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    I agree, what is chevy thinkin', this thing doesn't deserve the SS badge. even though i am a ford guy, i agree that chevy SS's are great (at least they were until chev started stikin' it on everything).
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