Intense motorcycle chase

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  1. From Espoo (west of Helsinki):

    Chase starts @ 10:24.
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  2. Vietnamese Ghost rider
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  3. motorcycles are so fast
    e poo seems lovely, clean and green
  4. Some pretty close calls there, I have to admire the cojones on that officer. The chase averaged 188 km/h in urban traffic, often exceeding 300.

    The suspect had just gotten out of jail on parole and was caught speeding. After the chase ended he tested positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine. He had also beaten his wife and two children, both under the age of 7. The combined sentence was a year and 11 months in prison, and now the twat is complaining for the sentence he finds too harsh. What a joke.
  5. is that proper finnish behavior
  6. I certainly hope not
  7. So little traffic. Both would've died here after 2 minutes.
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  8. here the perp would be black and the cop would have ended it on sight
    if the perp was white the video would be very boring
  9. Why?
  10. This is what traffic South of the Alps looks to me:

  11. they would doff their caps to each other. the rest of the video would be the cop finishing up his shift and commuting home then drinking vodka until sleep becomes him
  12. There wouldn't have been a crime.
  13. They beheaded that woman 2 hours later.
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  14. lol israel aint got shit on asia when it comes to traffic

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    I'm disappointed that there isn't a video of this chase

    Fking amazing
  16. Tl;dr, a drunk guy got fucked in the ass by a 250kg pig, when caught he fled trough piles of pig shit, went to his car and was stopped by the police 40km later.

    I will bet you $85 that it was a Lada.

    God I love this country.
  17. Moving at those speeds through dirt and grass seems like a bad idea.
  18. How the heck did some squabble next to the cam car end up involving people from like 10 different cars?
  19. Coz durka durka bakalakadaka muhammad jihad!
  20. Breaking into a pig farm to get fucked in the ass by a large hog seems like an even worse idea, yet it was done.
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  21. the pig fled or what
  22. Read the goddamn article
  23. sounds like fake news
    how does a pig drive a car
    and why is he ashamed to **** a man
  24. You have been doing the j├Ągershots again with your buddy J, haven't you
  25. eyah
    classic J

    remember that penny tip

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