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  1. does this engine have an intercooler? and if so where?
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    Yep. It has two of them. See attached picture (the intercoolers are circled in red).
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    Too bad it doesn't have a superintercooler. If you don't belive me look at the Ford lightning Forum.
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    Thats just called supercooler. Its not really neccassary on a car like this....
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    are you sure those arent just the intake manifolds? how could those be the intercoolers? and im assuming since it has 4 turbos they are all small and spool up pretty quickly emliminating turbo lag...
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    Those are water-to-air intercoolers. The two aluminum cylindrical objects between them are the intake manifolds.

    Yes, the 4 turbochargers are small and thus have less inertia meaning less lag. Also, keeping the intake and exhaust tracts as short as possible will help reduce lag. I imagine the lag on this engine is pretty much zero.
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    I wanted to say somthing like that but I was'nt too sure if it was right so I waited for someone else to reply.
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    they may look like the inlet plenum's, but they are intercoolers, water-to-air intercoolers are much more effective and also saves weight and space.
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    could you post that pic minus the red circles?
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    Water-to-air intercoolers save space, but not weight. You usually end up with a little more weight because of the water, radiator(s), pump(s), and water hoses. I've heard that some water-to-air intercoolers use engine coolant straight of the engine's water pump instead of having their own separate system, so in that case, a water-to-air intercooler would save weight versus an air-to-air. You are definitely correct on the other points. The only problem I have with water-to-air intercoolers is what happens if you get a leak? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Well, it's a very faster exotic luxury car, so it probably wont because it's so well made.

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