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  1. Land Rover unveils new Discovery

    What are you talking about? A larger stroke being unreliable? A larger stroke improves durability, due to the fact it's longer, thus being stronger.

    Yes, a cheaper manufacturing process won't improve reliability, but saying that a longer stroke makes reliability is completely wrong. The only way I can see a longer stroke being unreliable is if the crank is made of weaker materials or something. Why do you think truck engines are so damn durable?
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    I never said they did.

    It's supposed to be common knowledge. And the Z06 is faster, except around well balanced courses.
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    A larger stroke isn't unreliable, however with their lack of development, it is unreliable. Being longer doesn't make it stronger, it makes it weaker, because the longer length for the width makes it more prone to stress.

    For an example, why don't you take two spaghetti noodles, one 3cm long, the other 8cm long, and see which breaks more easily. They're both the same width, but different lengths.

    Truck engines....durable??? you've got to be kidding, my dad has gone through three engines in his F150 over the last ten years, meanwhile his 1990 Corolla is still running the same engine, both vehicles of the same year, the Corolla used to be used to tow a small trailer for roadtrips, the F150 has never towed anything, only been filled.
  4. I thought you were comparing an s2000 to a camaro. not a camaro to a civic hybrid. an s2000 gets 20 city/26 highway mpg. while the 02 Camaro SS was rated at 19 city/28 highway mpg. while high specific output looks cool on the dyno in the real world it usually will get you less mpg than a GM car with the same or more horsepower. while it is true that Honda is the most fuel efficient auto maker that does not make all their cars most fuel efficient in their class. Hondas V6 cars get worse fuel economy than a GM 3800 in a compareable size car. GM builds the most fuel efficient supercar in the world the Z06 it makes 505 hp and is rated at 26 mpg highway thats over double the horsepower of the s2000 with the fuel economy.
  5. a larger stroke does not necessarily decrease reliabilty at high rpm maybe(8000 and up). vapor lock was a problem from the carbureted cars from 1987 and earlier. not a fair comparison of a current or recent s2000 to a carbureted camaro from over 20 years ago. 1998 to 2002 LS1 camaros are extremely reliable.

    250 horsepower out of 2.0 is great although i really don't beleive it ever made it. the current 07 2.2 model is rated at 237hp. Honda like the other japanese manufacturers cheated testing to get their numbers. with the new sae j spec testing toyota lost 20hp on one of the v6's Honda lost 3 on its civic engine and i belive they lost a bunch on the s2000.

    on the aspect of Honda's notorious reliability i used to work at a GM/Honda dealership. Honda replaced more engines in a year than i did in 7. the s2000's did not hold up well when customers raced and modified them.

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