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  1. God
  2. He summoned Aries and devoted his soul and loyalty to him in exchange for being rescued.
  3. pretty close to what i said 2 posts before that

    we are pretty similar you and I
  4. FAIL !!!!!!!!!!
  6. You need a new physics teacher.
  7. That's a way better story.
  8. Is there an 'actual' answer to this or is it just a rhetorical question?
  9. haha laughable, unless they could prove either did(which I doubt)

    and how do you not notice that your canteen has a hole?

    physics teachers should stay out of law scenarios
  10. Either way he should have died for not noticing there was a hole in his canteen.
  11. Exactly. Both acted with intent to kill but the actions of only one ACTUALLY lead to his death. Had B not drilled the hole and he had died of poisoning, then A would have been guilty of murder.
  12. What retard decides to go walk in a desert in the first place, with one canteen?
  13. Jesus.
  14. He might not have noticed a small enough hole. It doesn't matter WHAT you do, so long as it was done with intent to kill and directly lead to the death of the person. Being out in the desert and suddenly discovering that you've been slowly leaking water and now don't have enough to make it back to civilization is almost exactly like being locked in a hot room without water. In both cases, you're stuck without water.
  15. Murder was teh case that they gave her
  16. As I look up at the sky
    My mind starts trippin,
    a tear drops my eye
  17. my body temperature falls
    Im shaking and they breakin trying to save the Dogg
    Pumpin on my chest and im screamin, I stop breathin, DAMN I see Demons!
  18. 1 canteen can be the difference between life and death, but you would realise you have no water within a day. for sure. otherwise you deserved to die, in which case neither women should be tried for anything but instead commended in ridding the world of that waste of good air.
  19. Step 1: Cut hole in the canteen
    Step 2: ....
  20. Step 3: PROFITS
  21. Jokes aside, if you do something with intent to kill and it leads to the death of a person, you're guilty of murder. The problem seems to be with the formulation of the story, but the answer in the spirit of the story remains the same.
    I like your parachute story better, but I believe in that case both would be guilty of murder, as both acted (albeing independantly) with intent to kill and the actions of both were necessary to actually kill him.
  22. B is charged with murder, A is charged with attempted/conspiracy

    seriously, its not interesting and you and your teacher are stupid
  23. thats the conclusion i came to

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