Interesting that Prodrive would build a car.....

Discussion in '2006 Prodrive P2 Concept' started by F U C K, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Up to this point they build racing versions of Rally cars, as well as Ferrari 550's and Aston Martin DB9's for Le Mans. The name "P2" makes us think that it would be a Le Mans Prototype designed to compete in the P2 Class in sportscar racing. I must say that this is quite a suprise from Prodrive!
  2. Interesting, hell yes. ill admit im a bit surprised that ProDrive made a concept street car, but when you look at whats happening else where in the industry, lots of one-off concepts are making appearances from companies most people have never heard of. It should happen more often.
  3. if saleen can build a damn car, then Prodrive definetely can too
  4. You lot are Dumbarses P2 stands for Prodrove 2, think bout Impreza P1 were they going to race that in P1 class hymmm.... and I'm only 15!

    Prodrive is also a well know manufacture of race cars, they use to develop the BAR F1 car as a matter of fact.

    And you call your self a supercar messaiah do you get a clue.
  5. This car is a marvel of modern engineering and technology. Just watch the Top Gear episode about it to see the full extent of its trick diff and electronic wizardry. I'm pissed that they won't even make a few of them for sale. Prodrive obviously doesn't have the manufacturing muscle to mass produce this car, but couldn't they sell like 20 or 50 examples to a lucky few?
  6. this cars tight! it sounds amazing and i think the best handling car in the world. prodrive put so much racing tech that it out handles anything including elise,evo etc. kudos prodrive!
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