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  1. I don't care the number of cylinders , 170hp for less than 800kgs is good , better than some Elises
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    12 cylinders will sound better than an Elise too!
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    I agree, 170hp is 170hp, wether it is from a 4 cyl. or from a V12.
    But would that 4 cyl. have much more torque than that V12 of the same amount of hp's and cylinder capacity?
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    There are a lot of variables that influence torque. Oversquare pistons, for example, are conducive to high torque. Low torque here is likely due to the small bore/long stroke, coupled with things like the full-race cam grind.
  5. Right idea, but completely the wrong way around. Undersquare pistons are actually conductive to high torque, due to the long stroke that they have. And this colombo v12 would have a low torque to hp ratio due to it having a large bore and small stroke (65 mm bore vs 58.8 mm stroke - 65/58.8 = 1.105 bore to stroke ratio, hence oversquare)

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