Interior's still ugly!

Discussion in '1987 Ferrari F40' started by kav, Nov 22, 2003.

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    This car is a pure race car. It's not supposed to have interior.
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    How old are you? Do you know anything about cars at all? I am pretty sure you do not.
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    ya really.. the f50, enzo, and f40 happen to have the worst interior than like any other car. but whats pretty cool.. is its PURE carbon fiber. they dont even have a radio. too much weight!
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    I would not say ugly.....just spartan. Spartan interiors are cool on real performance cars.
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    What I hate most about the interior is the shifter. I hate thin shifters, they're likely to break in high-use scenarios such as a road course. And no radio? Dont get me wrong, but Id personally love a good stereo in my car. But hell, the exterior looks amazing.
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    I've seen both the F40 and Enzo at auto shows, and many detailed F50 interior photos, and from my experience, I can say that the F40's interior is by far the worst. The F50's interior, from the shots I've seen, is fairly nice considering how stripped it is. It's pure woven carbon-fiber along with the 2 most supportive seats known to man. The Enzo I saw had a really good interior. The leather seats were very, very deep and had nice surfaces for a $650K car. The gauges and steering wheel are probably the coolest I have ever seen, and I've seen almost every car that's ever been in production, from a 1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost to a yellow preproduction Saleen S7 to a Lotus Elise (in Worcester, Mass. in 2001, mind you, before we got it). I hate to say it, but the F40's interior is completely ghetto. The seats are a cheap red foam slapped on top of a hard, thick Kevlar shell, the trip is ugly late '80s attempted carbon fiber and there are seat belts and roll bars everywhere, to an extent that the owner would not let me sit in it (even though I had just gotten out of his Countach). However, the car is one of the fastest ever when pushed, and among the most exhilarating thrill rides ever. About the looks, I saw one with a full LM body package on 295 in Massachusetts a few weeks back, and it was possibly the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Oh, BTW, here's a pic of the one I saw at a concours in Connecticut with the guy's Countach and a yellow Ultima in back.
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    the interior is not ugly. It is just a racing interior!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You've got the right idea. This car had only one goal, and that was to kick the sh*t out of the Porsche 989. It did so accordingly. Hence, the interion only existed to hold the driver, not to comfort him/her.
  10. One word: Spartan.

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