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  1. Alonso seems to have an interesting strategy. I think he could be in the shout for the win.
  2. Klien is a moron, Webber should take him out back and work him over.
  3. hmm.. don't think anyone scored many points with the guessing game, BOBITRON champion here?
  5. hahahahhhaaaaaAAAAAWWWWWR
  6. ditto, I was like WTF? But one guy taking out his team mate is quite common in F1...
  7. I was under the impression that JV was running the same stratergy as Alonso. What happened to JV? I somehow fell asleep during the last quarter of the race and managed to take off my glasses and switch off the TV while sleeping...
  8. The beginning of the race was great! But after 15 laps, boring.
  9. Sorry, not totally concentrating on the race. More keen on the ManU v Arsenal game which got over minutes after the race started so I didn't quite know who was on what strategy and the stupid commentators said he was in with a chance but within a few laps I was able to figure out who was on what strategy and I realised how ridiculously far from being able to win he was.

    And JV just sucked.
  10. great race, & congrats to JPM. I was so hoping RB would pull it off, you could see how dejected he was on the podium & after the race. But there is always next year! now begets what I call the silly off season. Some teams are going to look very different next year! but will they perform any better? we will see.
  11. RB might have won the race if Ferrari had pitted RB first instead of MS in the opening laps.
  12. Well as a Red Car Fan, I was disappointed in M$ and RB.

    Nonetheless a pretty interesting race, wish the track had stayed wet. Congtrats to JPM, I eagerly await how he and Kimi will measure up against each other next year.

    I like the Brazilian race, it gets shown here at 6:00am which is heap better than 12:00am for all the Euro Rounds...

    Any news on who gets JB's now vacant Williams Seat?
  13. no, cos the bridgestone drys suck in the semi-wet.
  14. Disappointed? Ferrari raped everyone this season. This is just one of the few races they messed. Though I agree was a little disappointed that RB didn't win. And I was disappointed that KR didn't win.

    Hehe, I entered a draw to win a $400 Audi jacket. The first person to name the the concept model and production model of the Audi using the pic of its headlights in the NZ Herald by e-mail wins.
  15. Unlikely. It definitely cost me (maybe in the region of 5-10s) but he ended 20s back so he would have been closed to the front two but highly improbable that he would have clinched it. A pity in any case.
  16. This is true, even Rubens said so.
  17. I wasn't too disappointed in MS, just in RB.

    Considering the fact that MS moved up from 18th to 10th within the first sector of the track on the first lap, says something. Although he did spin out, he was working really hard at it. Lost spaces cause of the spin out yet as able to finish.. 6th wasn't it?

    MS: Starts 18th, finishes 6th.
    RB: Starts 1st, finishes 3rd.

    Definitely the better day was to MS.

    Horrible way for Jaguar to end their last season. I did like how the pit crew waved "goodbye" on their last pitstop.

    Ford has finally decided to run away with their tail tucked between their legs.

    Who's JB? If you meant JPM, it's unannounced. But rumors have speculated from Davidson to Pizzonia to Coulthard, and onward. Have to wait and see unfortunately.
  18. JB=Jenson Button.
  19. That's harsh on RB. Undoubtedly Michael did well to make up the places but making up places from such a low places is easier than keeping a place at the front of the grid- and after Ferrari compromised him by bringing him in a lap late he did well by getting himself onto the podium.
  20. Sorry I couldn't join you on race day, Moo. My sat box feeding my system is down, so I had to go to another TV far from my computer.

    About the race, Massa blew it as I expected, JV continued to suck butt, JPM drove a solid race, but more importantly, Williams nailed the set-up of the car, giving Montoya a package capable of winning a race.

    MS never had a chance at reaching the top once he spun. I had high hopes of him passing Ralf towards the end, but it was not meant to be.

    RB? He was fastest throughout most of practice and qualifying, but his drive during the race was average. He had some good speed early on, but never seemed to capitalize on his solid pace the way the leaders did.

    Kimi did well, a solid performance from Michael's strongest competitor in '05. Anyone who doubts that is on crack.
  21. It's alright Bob, don't worry, next thread in March <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  22. Massa didn't blow it, being called to the pits too late did.
    And it's not his fault that the Bridgestone slicks didn't work well in the damp conditions.
  23. Well, I admit blow it was a strong term, but this is the second race he started fourth and was unable to keep the position. If it makes you feel better, he seems to be a better driver than JV, anyhow.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  24. Ah, I was unaware that Williams was even definintely saving a spot for him. Since there was no clear "yes" or "no" unti just recently if he was able to get out of his contract with BAR Honda. Which I agree with JPM, what the hell is JB thinking? 10 Podiums this year for him, and he's complaining? So he didn't win, JPM just barely got Williams-BMW's FIRST win at the last race of the season. Who would you rather be?

    And I don't think that it's too hard on RB. Sure it's easier to move up in the field from the back and we are talking about MS so that should be a piece of cake for a guy like him. Speaking of Alonso, he was doing well for a stint there, but he just didn't seem to have the car to get him through the day. Wasn't fast enough, nor handling well enough through the sectors. Wasn't he stuck in the 1:14's most of the time? JPM is magical on a cold set of tires, just coming out of pit lane after changing his first set, he passed 3 or 4 cars before & during the first turn after pit lane exit.

    If leaving on a high note like this will help, Mercedes-McLaren should be well off next year with JPM and KR.
  25. I'd say the same about RB. Sure he could've set a faster pace, but pacing is easier in my opinion if you're actually racing against someone. If he changed tires sooner, he'd have had a better lead toward the beginning and therefore more motivation to keep it. It's Ferrari's fault for playing it too safe in light of the potential rain, but who can blame them?

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