Intermeccanica Italia Spider

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    Year: 1970
    Mileage: 0 km
    Price: EUR 59.570,-


    One of 411 built Italia Spider with 5,7 ltr. V 8 engine, 270 PS and 235 km/h maximum speed. the car is silvermetallic with black leather and it has a sport exhaust system with the sound of a power boat and it has power windows. it has a special registration mark for oldtimer and therefore it´s very cheap in payment. It looks a little bit like a Ferrari Daytona Spider but it´s just 15-20% of the price of a Daytona Spider.

  2. Whoa, that's expensive! I've never seen a good condition one being offered for more than 40K euros.. Same goes for the rarer (97 made) Torino Coupe.
  3. I visited that dealer yesterday, really impressive stock, nver seen a Bentley Arnage next to a RR Phantom 4, both a hug but the Bentley looked very tiny next to monster Phantom 4.

    especaily tha Intalia Spyder seems to be in perfect/concours condition. I was jsut wondering that it had the prancing horse form Maranello at the steeering wheel hub.
  4. Intermeccanica? same Intermeccanica that makes the (awesome) Porsche/VW replicas?
  5. 0 miles?
  6. I just saw your message and thought you would be interested in my car. It's a 1971 Intermeccanica Italia Coupe. I am currently having the engine and front end refurbished.

    The Italia in your photo appears to already have had some front end work done. This is not uncommon. Although the frame was very strong, the front end was a collection of Fiat & Peugeot parts that were really not strong enough for the large Ford, V8.

    Several ford engines were used. Early 1968 models had Hi Output 289's.s Them some 302's were used. Later the Ford 351 C was used. Mine has the Cleveland 4BBl. with larger ports.

  7. Very cool car!

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  9. I didn't like it at first, but the red coupe looks pretty good. shame about the wheels though, and the intake looks a bit stupid I find.

    welcome Alsantoro. cool car.
  10. Other intermeccanica pics.
  11. A fine example of the results possible in the Sixties when American power was used in conjunction with Italian coachwork, this 1968 Intermeccanica Omega is a lovely oddity for sale on eBay Motors.

    The all-steel body of the Omega was created in Torino, Italy, then shipped to Charlotte, North Carolina for the motive powers of NASCAR legend Holman Moody. Moody was charged with dropping a Ford 289 V-8 engine into the European beauty, thus creating package that would be as quick as it was stylish.

    The Omega fits into the category of super-rare exotica, as only 33 of the cars were ever built. This example certainly scores high marks across the classic car board, with special attention due the patina on its rich and stunning cabin.

  12. Bill: I'm trying to put together a new resistry of Intermeccanica Italias and, Torinos and Omegas. I've collectied info on about 20 so far . Do you own one? Can I get the Vin. # engine, , etc. ?
  13. No I don't have intermeccanica.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  14. very cool

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