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  1. im very interested in how they do it honestly this caris cool
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    Hell yeah!!!....
    but then most of the stuffs top-secret...
    you can see them covering up everytime when the car is not racing...
    they are the Premier League of auto racing.....
    incredible aero-dynamics...ridiculously powerful engine...3litre NA..
    pumping 800++Hp....superb road hugging ability and steering....the level of compeletion of these cars are unattainable by street racing garages that over emphasise on power and neglect control as well as braking technology......
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    one hell of a car that deserved to hold the constructors championship this year, still hoping that williams will make a comeback in 2002 though, cant wait to see the competition heat up!!
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    Go williams. Im sick of this domination by ferrari of late. We need some real racing at the front of the field. Especially JPM, hes going to be a legend.
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    i think williams will be great competition for ferrari because they have a few up and coming drivers in their roster.
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    Ferrari = Formula 1 )------------------) thats all u need to know.
    oh yeah and Mclaren is still way better than Williams
    Ralf is better than Montoya
    Michael Schumacher is better than them all---(incase u hadn't noticed)

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