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  1. The best one of the past decade.
  2. One? only one?....pfft... I'm on my 7th right now and I'm not planning to stop until the 9th title... or even the 10th, who knows?!.... BTW, you are overrated, punk.
  3. 426Hemistage8 would like you for your German Mentality. And about being overrated: I don't rate myself. Though I know I'm capable of doing good in the Renault now and the Sauber next year.
  4. JV and MS on already.. who's next!?
  5. Yes, maybe you can win one or even two races next year... who knows, maybe you end up in the top 10 drivers of the season...
  6. I bet he's able to end up in the top-10 this year already.
  7. Is Kimi next? Be gentle on him...
  8. Can he write in english or he types the same way he talks? because I can't understand anything he says... it's annoying.
  9. And just to let you know, we are already printing the new stickers...
  10. "...we love Kimi for what he does on track and ultimately that’s what matters most. Alex Yoong was accessible, calm, intelligent, articulate…and slow."

    Planet-f1 in an article about Kimi's English

    BTW, Mr. Schumacher, you should be nice to Kimi. After all, he did school you at Spa.
  11. Why does your sticker say PandaBeat in the upper corner<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>?
  12. AHAHAHA, you make me laugh, Kimmi schooling me, AHAHAHAHA...
  13. Because he's working for us now... don't know if you have noticed the lack of posts from him lately, he's full time now.
  14. Schummi, I thought that it was a secret...
  15. Panda is the secret to Ferrari's success! You must sweep a mean floor, buddy!
  16. shhhhh, don't tell, but I'm testing the F2005...
  17. in a panda??
  18. don't tell, but we are trying some Panda bits here and there on the F2004 chassis.... we're planning on calling the next one: "F2005 Panda Evoluzione". But don't tell.
  19. Funniest thread ever!!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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  21. Killing mooses is his passtime.
  22. Absolutely one of my hobbies. It used to be functional though when I made testdrives testing the new HANS-system.
  23. Besides, little off-topic, I'd like to thank V8Stangman, MooSquad and TheCarGods for their support in the forums. Free drinks on my name in China, come get them!
  24. Whoa, that'd be awesome.. if I could only afford a plane-ticket within the next couple of days to there *sigh*.
  25. This thread sucks balls.

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