Intranet question. HALP!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Caparo T1 pwns all, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. I've had a problem with streaming video for about a year. It loads really slowly so I cant watch the video without it stopping. I have a good internet service and it should be fast. I've normally suspected either a bad airport or I'm too far away from it (upstairs and there's a wall in the way). Sometimes I think it might be a computer problem too. BTW, sometimes it loads well randomly for a few days then gets crappy again.

    Edit: realized theres no question... Can this be fixed by getting a new airport??
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  3. You're probably too far from the base station.
  4. Get some wax paper, a ball of yarn, 3 cloves of garlic and mix all of that with a wooden fork.
  5. What you want to do is talk to Homer at Internet King. He hooked me up with a fast intranetz.
  6. Lol, at LEAST post a general topology diagram with devices so we can at least TRY.

    Airport? LOL.

    Can you HTTP/HTTPS into it and see the status / logs?
  7. what kind of airport do you have, Express or Extreme.
    get whatever one you dont have and set up the the house with

    Airport Extreme connected to wired network, printers, storage drives etc.
    Airport Express somewhere within range of the Extreme, but closer to where you will be, and set it up to extend the wireless coverage.
  8. I don't need specific instructions; I just want to know what you guys think the problem is before I go out and get a new airport and have the same problem.
    ADDITION TO PROBLEM: My xbox live connection seems to be slow because of this...

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