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    Hey guys, after about a 1 year break from today I logged in.

    I was a member since 2001-ish and then there was the big bang and I got a new username after about 3-4 years out of SC.

    About a year ago I lost my E-mail password(hacked) and SC was going through some **** also so I left for a while.

    Since then I have gotten married(yeah, I know). Did alot of cool things, sold the M3, Got a 318ti project car, Started riding, opened up a small business, made and unmade alot of friendships in real life.

    I came back mostly because of all the forums I went through there was always chat about ONLY the cars. For someone who lives in a diferent country from where I was born, no family anywhere near, only me and the wife sometimes it gets upsetting so I was go online to chat or foam about one thing or another.

    Either way, I'm make more posts later about whats going on in my life and my build but I just wanted to say ""HI"".

    I'm nobody important, I see alot of stranger memners who now have huge posts counts and thats weird. but here I am hoping to join the fun and contrbute where I can.


    The Ti and the Bike...(not best pic I know)

    ALSO, HOW COME MY POST COUNT IS AT 11? I HAD AT LEAST 1000, What happened? Sucks not being able to make threads...
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    Hi and welcome back

    ps: embedded images don't work. You can just post the link or upload the pic on here.
  3. Anyone have any idea whats up with my post count?
  4. It's There will be no explanation. Shit just breaks.

    Also, what are your plans for the 318?
  5. Its currently in pieces, Its was alreayd pretty nice but I wanted new paint and a few other details so I decided to do it all at once.

    I just did a full engine rebuild, I did'nt mess with the internals just went stock everything, the stock pistons are forged anyways so thats not gonna be a problem. I did go with a Thicker head gasket so I can go turbo in the future if I so choose to.

    So far my only plans for the engine itself are exhaust, chip and filter. Rest will be stock for now cause I dont want to deal with blowns engine at this moment in any way at all after spending so much time putting the current one together.

    Coilovers, BBS-RS replicas, Euro Projector headlights, Red-CLear tails, stuff like that as money allows. As soon I can make threads I'll make a post on it.

    Thanks for asking.
  6. We should do a list of Vicious's second accounts, let's start:


  7. Hello All!
    My name is Rich and I am 28 and have been a car fanatic since as long as I can remember. I joined 1 other car forum before hehe but figure no time like now time to try a new one hehe. I am currently in school to get my degree in Business: Entrepreneurship, I plan on opening a Auto based business when I am finished so figured making friends here and being able to ask questions, etc would be a great idea, not only for building my business plan (for school, and most likely even my actual business) and running polls for marketing (for school work) but also a great place to learn from everyone.

    I am sure a lot of people here have like super amazing cars and what not, which is my goal too hehe but right now I drive a 2010 Audi S5 Sport-back, nothing special about it except 20" rims and tinted windows hehe but its a fun car and pretty quick for a 4 door (btw if anyone know what exhaust this would be by the sound lol, PLEASE lemme know... I am hoping by winter I will have enough money to buy a project for my Father and I to work on during winter. It will either be a Rat Rod project or a Shelby Cobra Kit, still on the fence on which I want. With me finishing school in about another year I am thinking really I should just be responsible and hold on to the money I saved to start the business...... but then where is the fun in that! lol, I also thought about putting a down payment on my uncles 2006 Aston Martin DB9, but I figured when I get my actual business going, we will have a Aston Martin and Maserati on the Show Room Floor, so I think its gonna be a project toy instead like the cobra or rat rod mentioned above.

    Anyways, thanks for your time, and hope to talk to everyone more in the future. I really cant wait to be able to run some polls and stuff to pick everyone's mind on "public opinion" for some of the stuff I am going to need for my business plan project I will be working on soon for school.

    Have a good one everyone,

    P.S I know I have 4RE in my name and do not own a Ferrari hehe and people do not like people doing that but StreetDreams was taken, and I really have a huge thing for Ferrari's =]p
  8. Welcome StreetDreams <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  11. lol, you can do better than that. That list is lacking.

    Also, has anyone even proven JoeyJoJo? It's pretty easy to put on an Alphonse act...
  12. 4RE, a little play on numbers..
  13. Daunter
  14. No
  15. Alphonse had some shoes, too
  16. Wonder what size eh

  17. for some reason i picture his feet being really long and skinny
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    I joined for the Asian Forums. GIMME DEM ASIANS
  19. ITT: New#%$s

    I joined for the Asian Forums. GIMME DEM ASIANS
  20. ITT: New#%$s

    I joined for the Asian Forums. GIMME DEM ASIANS
  21. ITT: New#%$s

    I joined for the Asian Forums. GIMME DEM ASIANS
  22. ITT: New#%$s

    I joined for the Asian Forums. GIMME DEM ASIANS
  23. ITT: New#%$s

    I joined for the Asian Forums. GIMME DEM ASIANS

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