iphone 5 thread (no poors aka andriod)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by gtsorbust, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. 1200 for a phone is retarded
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  4. Funny to see people all worked up about some electronic thing, capitalists pigs
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  6. Yeah, you have to know a lot about cameras to get humor about hipsters taking pictures of food.
  7. Iphones have their place in the world as do androids. Iphones are simple, feature rich, and reliable. Androids are more difficult to use for the average person, but offer many benefits to those that can successfully use them. I would never personally get an Iphone. I have a gsII and I love the big screen, swype keyboard, awesome battery life, fast processor, expandable mem slot, ability to modify any aspect of the interface, and multitude of shortcuts that allow me to switch for/navigate my apps faster than an Iphone user.

    However, my gf is currently in the market for a new phone and I am pushing her towards an Iphone because I don't feel like teaching her how to use an android phone.
  8. i agree
    iphones are the perfect phones for girls
    or miata pilots
  10. you dont have to know much to hate your bad posts
  11. stop talking about yourself, you come off as conceited
  12. i can reach any app with a swpie and click in literally 1 second. #$%#in lol if you think i believe an andriod can do that quicker, or if its even a point to talk about that that speed

    expandable memory is a moot point w the cloud being a thing. are you also awesomely proud of your cd-rom drive?

    eh ya andriod pluses are trash points what a suprise

    at least youre getting your gf something nice

  13. expandable memory isn't a moot point so long as carriers aren't selling unlimited data plans

    and what about the subway and places without internet?

  14. oh well

    sucks your on a shit carrier and are virgin enough to run out of gbs of room

  15. Pretty funny that a poor druggie is crazy about an iphone. A Nokia 3310 is more than enough for you.
  16. oh look, the 3rd world is talking about whats poor
  17. Uhm America is 3rd world. Not even free healthcare lol. Poor country
  18. my shit carrier is your employer lol

    hope you like working for a piece of shit

    do they pay you in diseases or what?
  19. lol you dont know what i do, dildobreath
  20. we can talk specs, flash, all this nonsense. but honestly i just think it comes down to feel. I've handled lots of phones, but none of them have that....special something the iPhone does. I've had every iteration since the first, and I'm pretty sure its the only phone ill own from now on.

    mine currently has a smashed screen, and works just as fine as it did when new as well.
  21. With your lack of intelligence you're doomed to work shitty jobs for the rest of your life.
  22. yeah one of my work colleagues has had a smashed screen for months. He keeps an ironic screen protector on it so he doesn't get shards of glass in his thumbs.
  23. lol no you doodyhead
  24. nice edit, did u spend half the day typimg this up using big words like "intelligence" so you look smart?
  25. here I'm looking real cool with my iPhone

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