iPhone 6/Plus - such wow

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. As someone who has gotten every iteration of the iPhone since the first one, I probably wont be getting this one. Meh indeed.
  2. dunno I'll prolly get it since I'm upgrade-eligible, could use the better battery but not sure I'll enjoy the bigger form factor.

    we'll see
  3. They are way too large. Can you even operate the smaller one with just one hand? Steve Jobs would rotate in his tomb and probably has not educated pigs with Tim Cook.
  4. 128gb phone lol
  5. 18k gold smart watch lol
  6. iPhones still exist? lol
  7. Lots of hating going on
    I'll probably stick with iPhones for the foreseeable future if not for any reason other than apples awesome support. For any tiny reason, you can get a new phone no questions asked

    Last year my gfs power button was not working 100%
    Of the two sensors in the button, one didn't work meaning you had to push on just one side of the button and not the other. A minor inconvenice. Still apple just replaced the phone, took all of 5 minutes at the apple store. I can't imagine any other smart phone company doing that.

    Also since we strategically timed our visit to just before the end of her warranty, she basically had a new phone for the year her warranty expired. Also rockstar battery this past year while mine has gotten mediocre.
  8. Could get like 3 Nexus 5's for the price of an iPhone and not have to worry about Apple maybe replacing something if something broke.
  9. I've never had an iphone, ipad or even ipod, but I honestly have to say the iwatch looks like a pretty epic innovation. It also seems stylish, and the design quality looks pretty superb. Not saying I'm gonna get one, but I can see this also catching on with the other tech companies.
  10. The U2 concert was the perfect irony - a band responsible for many innovations, that has gained crazy worldwide success, and has not done anything special or innovative in the past couple of decades.
  11. This is true, iPhones are too expensive. Im only getting one of these if they offer me decent incentives to get one. Otherwise Ill get a Nexus 6 or one of those project whatever phones where you can build it to your spec.

    This iPhone disappoints me for a number of reasons:

    It is not waterproof

    It still has an 8mp camera

    No 4K video

    I obviously haven't used it yet, and tactility might change my opinion, just as the shitness of a Galaxy S5 turned me off buying one.

    The build quality doesn't appear as good as previous generations. The camera that sticks out at the back is lazy. Jobs would never have allowed that. He also would never have allowed the iWatch to come out after the christmas rush.
  12. You know it's time to sell your Apple stocks when they lose a fanboy like Burner.
  13. lol 8mp not enough in a phone
  14. I don't have a camera. I just use my iPhone, I would like it to be better. I would also like 4K video. Remember I have fpv nerd video goggles, I have to record myself putting them on for my youtube channel.
  15. Captain Obvious says: More megapixels does not equal better camera.
  16. So do you think this is better than the S5 camera? I doubt it. Im not buying that megapixel bullshit on the HTC one. 4 MP is bullshit no matter which way you spin it.
  17. You don't need more megapixels for it to be better.
    When was the last time you did something other than stare at a photo on screen?
  18. Yeah, but sometimes I like to take a small part of a photo I have taken and use that. More megapixels help this.
  19. I don't think either way, because there's no evidence for me to judge by.
  20. I'm happy with my Galaxy. I don't get iPhone hype.
  21. You don't get shit.
  22. So you'll just have a crop that looks bigger but still ugly. 8MP is fine but it needs a bigger sensor like the lumia 1020. Nevermind the 41mp, the sensor in the 1020 is bigger than my point and shoot camera!
  23. Im so sick of you fanboys trying to get me to buy apple products.
  24. I have a 5 but it may be the last one I get. htc one and the 1020 are high on my list.

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