iPhone 6/Plus - such wow

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. hope you have been standing up once in a while over time
  2. my A is so-so but my D is dangerous
  3. I've been nothing but happy with my iPhone5. Far fewer problems with it than any other phone I've ever had.
  4. lih
  5. man koko has two phones and burner has two watches lol
  6. Exactly how many times have you used your NFC? Its not just the tech, its the implementation that counts.
  7. When something usable does come along, at least I'll be able to use it.
  8. So you just proved my point. You have the tech, but Samsung had not practically implemented it. The apple ecosystem allowed for flawless implementation from release. Apple were right to hold this tech off. By the time the Samsung implementation becomes usable, you'll have a Galaxy S6, rendering the inclusion of NFC on your S3 useless.
  9. ive been using nfc with arduinos for ages
  10. ive been using nfc with arduinos for ages
  11. For what?
  12. ppl need to remember that apple doesnt really invent tech they just perfect it. so no one gives a shit if your andriod has been using nfc for years.
  13. My S3 runs smooth as hell and I have no intention of replacing it anytime soon. CyanogenMod FTW.

    And I'm sure I could use NFC if I cared to. I'm just a cash man still.
  14. Or in other words, make it pretty and gouge the masses.
  15. *Upgraded to IOS8*

    no clue what changed.
    so this is more like 7.2 upgrade, silly Apple and their marketing
  16. The one thing that makes the iPhone truly better than the competition is its amazing display. Everything else I pretty much dislike.
  17. So I bought an iPhone 6 Plus, its pretty good. I thought it would be too big, but its so thin that it actually fits into jeans pockets fine, even when you are sitting down. They had 2 white ones in the store I went to, 18 total, so they are in high demand.

    And yes that is a smoker for all you American fatties.
  18. So you took this picture with your Sony Ericsson T68i camera add-on and emailed it to your Apple email and posted it from your iPhone 6 MEGAPLUS? I'm surprised you didn't order two so you could take a high-quality picture of one with the other.

    Also are you sure that's not just a grill? Either way, why is it indoors, do you have a commercial grade stack or something? Are you sure that's up to code?
  19. I took the photo with my webcam, because I don't have another camera.

    It is definitely a smoker, it is inside because I just got put together.
  20. Good, I was really worried for your safety in the event of a fire.
  21. Its good that you care.
  22. I took the photo with my webcam because I don't have another camera. Totally a smoker, it's inside because it just got built. It also likes looking at ships passing by.
  23. If only there were reflective surfaces you could point one of the phones many cameras at...
  24. Show your burner-cep with the new phone
  25. Congrats! I am not sure which one to go with but I will get one when there is no huge lines outside the stores that sell them. No apple store here unfortunately

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