iPhone 6/Plus - such wow

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  1. Yeah I went into the store the night before and pre ordered but still had to queue up for about 1.5hrs at 7am. I just had s feeling that if I didn't get one on launch, the wait would be weeks or months. It is a very good phone though.
  2. LOL
  3. I got the 6.
    Pretty happy with it
    Like the bigger screen and like that I can reach across it without straining
    Typing one handed now. Also the double tap to reach the top of the screen is pretty brilliant, wish I could adjust the height it drops down to.
  4. Did you all get a 6 or 6 plus? I am not sure which one to go for. I like the size of my 5S so a screen that's a bit bigger will be great but I kind if want the 6 plus just cause it's about the size of a galaxy note 3. Still not sure on which model to get but the current market price for them here is about $1500-$2000 so #$%# that for now. Gonna wait till my carrier gets them
  5. You already have a brand new phone, sounds pretty wasteful...
  6. Just replaced my old HTC Incredible 2 with a Galaxy S5. It's like going from Windows ME to 7.
  7. I got the plus. Size is fine, it's very thin and fits in my jeans perfectly.
  8. Still have a Blackberry. Still no regrets.
  9. New Galaxy Note 4 looks really nice.

    I just invested in a new case and tempered glass screen protector for my GS3 -- the kickstand broke on the current case and my current screen protector has a small crack at the top left since I dropped this thing a million times. I think I can hold out until at least the GS6 comes out before I get a new phone, if not another whole year until the GS7. By the end of the year I will have an upgrade and be able to sign a new contract, so the next phone should be free like the GS3 was.
  10. im happy with my one. dont care about phones much tbh since i got a tablet. barely use it
  11. will prolly upgrade my nexus 4 when the next android cycle rolls around in a couple months
    either the new 'nexus' or a new htc if they release a google play edition again
  12. How easy are those glass screen protectors to remove?
  13. I'll let you know when the new one comes. I think it'll come off with relative ease.
  14. played with the iphonse6 normal

    its a very nice product and well polish, really feels expensive and solid

    then you use the OS and you're like "ok nothing has changed / evolved - ugh"
  15. ios 8 wasnt supposed to be all fresh and new. its odd that they decided to call it 8 instead of 7.2, but it was probably just because the phone came out at the same time.
  16. Ios 8 is about see less transition between your computer, iPad and phone. Other than that it's pretty much the same. But why change what isn't broken. The two things that bug me about ios:

    1. If you have like 6 tabs open in safari, it reloads some when you flick between them.
    2. You can't plug usb otg devices in. I had to buy a nexus 7 to do that.
  17. its more of a 7.2 indeed
  18. thought there was a lot in the ios8 that was a significant update but will take devs some time to really exploit all the goods ...

    like apps talking to each other ...things like let the jawboneUP tell my nest that I am up and start heating the house ,and while its at it tell the home automation plug to start the coffee brewing
  19. also I need to get into the store and get one , is this an issue or what

  20. iPhone 6 bends in tight jeans. The end is nigh.

    Continuing with the theme of believing my S3 is still good for the long haul, just spent $40 on a 700maAh ZeroLemon battery which comes with its own special case for the phone as I assume the battery will make it slightly bulkier. The upside will be having three days of battery life and not having to take my charger with me everywhere.
  21. My Galaxy S4 is holding up pretty well. Its not without its flaws but I have had good luck with Galaxy products up to this point. Might consider a note later or something else with a huge screen. I take good care of my phone so breaking it isnt an issue.
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    You don't have to worry, the Note 3 can take some abuse unlike the 6 Plus


    So much for superior Apple construction.
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    As long as the phone is made of plastic and not soft metal.
    Plastic is a much better material for a phone. I dont like metal ones in the first place because they can bend, dent, scratch easily, and scuff. They look terrible after a few years. A phone isnt a fashion accessory anyway. Put that shit in a good durable case and youre good to go. This is the same reason I didnt get an HTC One. Metal phones are stupid.

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