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  1. brilliant stuff
  3. 3 days ago, Apple stock went down and now it's back up passed the $100 mark per share. There aren't many people who have experienced this bend issue according to Apple. I wonder if Apple realizes just how many people hashtag #bendgate on twitter and instagram. And with the latest trouble with ios8 killing the signal and draining the battery, you would think they would be in trouble. But with all these faults, people are still buying the phones and the demand keeps on increasing. Apple released a statement saying only 9 out of 10 million phones sold were affected. That's not a huge deal. But I am not sure I trust apple on this one. There's way too many people bending their phones for youtube likes and from the videos, you can see how easy it is to bend.

    So many reviewers of the major tech sites have reported bends in the phones they have tested but mentioned it is barely noticeable. As time goes by, more and more phones will bend but it won't change anything. Apple in the past, had numerous groups complaining about a yellowish tint appearing on their iphone 5 and although some geeks found the error to be a type of glue that apple uses around the screen in production, they have done nothing to compensate customers and people still continue to buy their products.

    One test involved a reviewer who found that the 6plus has a structural weakness right at the middle part of the phone's metal casing below the volume and sim cut out. Some say that if the phone is pocketed with the ports down, it will most likely bend over time especially when you have headphones plugged in. Another did a test with ports up and saw a bend over time. So in both cases, the phone will bend. 6plus owners may want to consider an Otterbox case and save themselves from a bent phone or risk it.

    More about the iphone 6 plus from a reviewer:
    "The fact that the iPhone 6 Plus can be damaged in this way is possibly not surprising. The combination of a particularly thin aluminium body which gets very warm during operation put in close contact with the body to warm it up further means that the body would be particularly easy to bend. However, the fact that it bends at a particular point on the body suggests that there may exist a manufacturing issue with certain types of phones that makes them particularly susceptible".

    To whoever said that Samsung feels like fisher price, Plastic has an advantage over aluminum. If it bends a bit then it will flex back to its original form unlike aluminum. Do a quick youtube search on "samsung note 3 vs iphone 6plus bend test" and then come back and say samsung sucks but hey it's no biggie just like Apple did on twitter asking people to calm down.

    Apple is also NOT replacing bent phones for free. They are charging people a couple of hundred dollars for a replacement.

  4. theyre the phone version of a car bra
  5. Why? The bulky ones are stupid, but theres tons of cheap minimal cases that look nice and can easily be swapped whenever you want to refresh the look of your phone. Also stops it from getting scratches and dings that ruin resale value.
    And with how thin the new phones are, a nice minimal case still leaves you with a very svelte package. My phone in a case is still slimmer than the iphone 4 without a case, and that was considered a thin phone at the time.
  6. ya but the plastic feels cheap. they should coat it with velvet or something
    or mahogany
  7. You know what's funny about the first person who called my Samsung 'fisher price'?

    He was an Apple employee and is now on iPhone #3. I'm still using the same GS3.

    I'm a poet and didn't even know it.
  8. Oh and I've got a 7.3 gigawatt (mAh or something like that) battery in the mail... next time my phone will need to be plugged in is like 3 weeks from now. Suck my battery.
  9. They over price those too much in the states. I have a 10,000 mah I bought for $20 new. In FL a 2500 mah was $20 not including tax
  10. It was $30 on Amazon and it includes a custom back and case for the phone (to accomodate the slightly larger battery).

    I hear people run for three days on a full charge with this thing so it will totally be worth the bit of extra bulk.
  11. Are you sure it's 10.000 mah and not just 10.000 mah printed on the side? Because I deal with lipo batteries a lot and even a single cell lipo at 10,000mah would likely be a lot bigger than any phone.
  12. thas cool that youre poor
  13. ya OK wheelman
  14. Sucks to have aspergers.
  15. It's not something that fits in the back of the phone. Its a seperate device and you use whatever USB wire you got to charge and there are two ports.
  16. I've got a 6000mAh one. Can't live without it.
  17. I know exactly what you mean. I have two 15,000 mah devices and they take forever to charge so I use one and then when it's dead, I will charge it and use it in two day time while the other one should be fully charged and ready for use. I labelled them so I know which is which. But I use 10k just incase I forgot one of the others at home.
  18. You should just get a phone that lasts all day.
  19. My main number is on a Vertu. No touchscreen. A Signature S and it lasts for days. Where as the iphone, with my usage, needs to be charged 3 times or more per day
  20. Also indispensable for travel. No longer do you have to sit on the floor next to a concrete column in shitty terminals like a poor person simply to charge something.
  21. also lol why did you buy a vertu
  22. uhh im not the one with the spergphone
  23. You need an iPhone 6 plus then.

    Vertu though? Why didn't you buy a 3310, plate it in gold and install it on the neck of a tamed tiger to carry it around for you?
  24. went to the store today to hold both to decide 6 or 6plus ...

    not going the plus thats for sure ... too awkward to hold in one hand ...
  25. I used to collect them. I have every model to date but in their standard form and not the gold/diamond phones. Some of the phones go up in value. For example the signature S was purchased for £7200 and now they are close to £10k for the same model. Yes that's in sterling pounds and not dollars. It's just like a watch. You wouldn't wear a patek to work, you would find the right occasion to dress up and accessorise and that's when I choose which phone to go with and watch and then switch wallets and then finally, cars.

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