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  1. It's actually fine. When I hold my gfs 5s it feels tiny and outdated. It's wierd. 6 plus feels perfect.
  2. translation: when i hold my old phone in the other hand
  3. Was easy as pie to remove. Just make sure that you're actually ready to remove it because the glass will likely crack when you do.

    Got the crazy long lasting ZeroLemon battery (7300mAh) yesterday and today is my first day with it. Makes the phone heavy like a mother but that I can deal with - the bulk is about the same as it was when the phone was in a full hardshell case so basically it just made the form factor denser. I am worried about just having a rubber shell and no hardshell underneath but I think between the heavy as hell/full back battery and new tempered glass screen protector I think my screen will be OK.

    So I unplugged the phone at 12:30pm with a full charge and have been using it about as much as I do on average (bunch of web and reddit browsing and also listened to a couple albums while I was out and about), the phone is on 'power save' mode in CyanogenMod but with brightness turned all the way up. It's now 10pm and I still have 77% left. At this rate I should have about 55-60% when I wake up tomorrow and about 35-40% when I come home from work tomorrow night. Can't recharge the phone until it's fully dead for the first 5 cycles as per the installation instructions so we're gonna see if I can make it three full days on this thing...

    So happy to not have to remember to take my charger with me everywhere now. I also have flexibility with how fast my phone runs now. If I find it beginning to run slow I can switch it from 'power-save' to 'balanced' and finally to 'performance' without worrying about how much energy the extra processing power will burn up. I really can see using this phone for another 2 years now.
  4. no I think you misread

    its way too big and you have to be embarrassed holding something that big to your ear for a phone call.
  5. pfff. who uses a phone for phone calls?
  6. Give me some money
  7. cool, thanks
  8. If it's saying to cycle the battery then it's not lithium ion.

    This is going to sound smug but under typical usage I go to bed with 65% in the phone. Maybe not enough for three days but safely can use it for two and I don't have to use a bulky battery case or power sipping mode.
  9. No it is a normal lithium ion it just suggests to drain out the battery for the first 5 cycles for the longevity of the battery. After 5 cycles I can charge whenever I want.

    Must not use your phone all that much because my friends who are iPhone users come home at the end of the day with next to no charge - as would I if I didn't bring my charger with my original battery. When I'm heavy browsing/using the phone at high brightness on my old battery it would drain like 1% every 3 minutes. I'm at 25.5hrs without a charge right now and with a full day's use I still have 57%. Looks like I should crack 50hrs no problem. The mode switching thing on CyanogenMod is kinda gimmicky - I can't tell exactly how effective it is but it makes me feel better to always be in power save mode so that there's some kind of performance reserve in case I one day find it necessary.

    Battery case is not bulky - it still fits easily in any shirt pocket. Just what my phone was with a hardshell case except now it's a rubber case. Nice to at least be able to have the option to do this with an Android phone, you have to admit.
  10. I'd probably wear a Patek every day.

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