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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SpunBearings, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Hoping I could get some help on this one...

    So my computer crashed and I bought a new used one, and I have to start from scratch with all my pictures, movies and most of all music.

    I only had about 3500 downloaded and ripped songs, and are all currently on my ipod. Any kind of software/tricks I can use to upload quickly and easily from my iPod to my computer?

    It's a gen 1 16G touch and an iMac G4 running OS10.4.11

    Any help is appreciated
  2. you gotta buy all the songs now

  3. Apple, lol
  4. imac G4? wtf? That is like 10 years old. Whatever you paid for that, you could have got a way better pc for the same money.
  5. I have an old PowerMac G4 with 10.3 and it barely runs anymore

    an iMac G4? what were you thinking?

    EDIT: just do a search on VersionTracker for something that will rip an iPod to your computer. there are a few programs
  6. this was my main concern with the ipod i had. songs go on the ipod, but won't ever come off.
  7. Like I said, Winamp.

    Works perfect, I make a playlist in Winamp when listening to music and afterwards I just drag the playlist to the iPod in Winamp and it transfers the songs.

    Then when you're at a friends house just use Winamp to drag the songs from the iPod to the desktop or any other folder.
  8. i guess. i had the ipod clickwheel. it was fairly old, so maybe they didnt have that yet.

    i dont like the use of external programs. my archos is just drag and drop, like an external harddrive. thats how it should be.
  9. I totaly missed the iMac G4 part, my parents have one circa 1999.

    It was a beast when it was new though
  10. Thakns for the input, but I'll prolly settle with Touch Copy for $25. None of the free ones seemed to work

    Hate spending money on nonsense like this
  11. man wtf don't spend money on this

    the files are stored in a hidden folder on your ipod. open that #%[email protected] up in my computer and drag it to your desktop. the songs have gibberish file names but the id3 tags are all there. add that folder to your itunes library and you're good to go

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