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  1. hey guys, i just bought a macbook, i need to get MY music off MY ipod,, i dont know how to do it :s i know how to do it with a pc but not with a Mac. So does anyone here know how to get the music off the ipod and add them to the itunes library ?
  2. google

    ...although if you browse it as a drive I think it's just in a hidden directory structure
  3. Reformat it.
  4. Haha, you're #$%#ed. Get Yamipod if it works on shitty macs.
  5. Google it. Its 100 times easier if you where on a PC. But its not as easy to view hidden files on a mac as on a PC where you just click a box. Good luck, and god speed.
  6. guys am so bad in things like this,, can anyone explain more ?
  7. LT tore up those ESPY's
  8. wow, this is like the total poser question.
  9. introduce it to a 20 pound sledge.
  10. Get a proper computer.
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