Iran pays Judo Champ for not fighting

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  1. TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran have given judo world champion Arash Miresmaeili a $125,000 (70,000 pounds) reward, saying he sacrificed a gold medal at the Athens Olympics by refusing to fight an Israeli, a sports official says.

    State television showed Miresmaeili at an award ceremony receiving the same sum as Iranian Hossein Rezazadeh, who took the super-heavyweight weightlifting gold at the second Olympics in succession.

    "He would definitely have won a gold medal if he had taken part," the sports official, who declined to be named, said on Tuesday.

    "By refusing to fight, Miresmaeili followed the policies of the country," the official added.

    Iran has refused to recognise the Jewish state's right to exist since its 1979 Islamic revolution.

    The International Judo Federation had considered a sanction against Miresmaeili during the Games but concluded that he had been overweight for the fight and could not have taken part.

    The International Olympic Committee also did not take any action.

    Miresmaeili was drawn against Israel's Ehud Vaks in the first round of the men's under 66 kg category in Athens. After officials said initially he would not fight against an Israeli, Miresmaeili was eventually scratched because he was overweight.

  2. They should stop acting like little #%!@es.
  3. We need to do a regime change over there... I love my country, but the government is fulll of messed up mindless #$%#ers
  4. And BTW, it was not even his own choice, it says that he was overweight... which means he would not have faught him anyways... the gov't needs a good kick in the ass
  5. wtf you talking about regime changes for?
  6. So he hates Israelis so much he wouldn't FIGHT one? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  7. Hes a pussy and deserves not to have won
  8. Becasue its the government that is doing this...
  9. I thought you loved the Iranian government?
  10. its nothing important anyway, and no one like jews.
  11. You should invest in some knifes and stab yourself, you #$%#ing idiot
  12. Hahaha that fatass iranian found an excuse.

    Its like when russia boycoted the UN and then everyone invaded korea.
  13. the ayatollah told you that, didnt he?
  14. you're funny...
  15. Um, are you (Porsche996) the one constantly defending Iran and it's loonyness?
  16. Yes, like that discussion about women abuse.
  17. And what statistics were brough that proved that persians abused women?

    You never answered my question when I asked you where you got your all supreme knowlege about the subject from?
  18. Just because the abuses weren't strong enough to be considered and recorded as crimes doesn't mean that they weren't abused/mistreated. Just because if I didn't severly beat a woman doesn't mean that I dont slap her around and treat her poorly. Not to mention that a lot of middle-eastern women wont report abusive behavior by their husbands, especially if it's something like being hit once or slapped.
  19. You still have not answered my question, you say all this, but you have no proof to even back up your claims... I might as just well say that all blacks are criminals... I dont have any facts, but, hey, who needs facts...
  20. they have tons of problems with domestic abuse on behalf of middle-eastern immigrants in europe, i read about it all the time. and they cite the problem being that many islamic countries including iran dont have the domestic abuse laws that the western world mostly has. and the culture more or less condones more of it.
  21. The culture does not more or less condone of it... The gov't is the problem, they are turning a blind eye, its not like it happens much more than any other country, but when it does happen, unless its serious, the gov't turns a blind eye, which is why it needs to be changed..
  22. so... if the culture doesnt condone it, then why do western countries have such a problem with so many middle-eastern immigrants committing domestic abuse of very ranging severity? they just happen to do that when they reach westen countries? they WERENT doing it in their home countries?

    if the governemtn turns a blind eye, and supports the idea that subjugating women is gold, there's going to be a hell of a lot more people living an abusive lifestyle than they would under a system that had no tolernace for that shit. it doesnt matter what your 'progressives' think. they dont make up the whole damn country of Iran, or the other islamic fundamentalist nations for that matter.
  23. take away womens rights in america and dont charge men for abusing their women physically and we will see what will happen. dont close your eyes on reality in order to justify your point. iran had one of the most harmless and inviting people until after the revolution, when islamic bullshit laws enforced with extremist attitude slowly degraded societal standards and promoted inhumane actions to a great degree.

    back to the topic, the judo champ would have gotten in very serious trouble if he had fought the israeli. no, he would have won easily(him and reza zadeh are considered in a league of their own) but recognizing israel as a nation and fighting a representative of the nation in the olympics means you approve of israel, and youd be spending half of your life in a torture chamber back home.

    the iranian government does NOT represent the iranian people, but i think it takes a #$%#in sledgehammer to pound that shit into your heads.

    p.s. how many of you ACTUALLY have iranian friends or have visited iran?
  24. so in other words, my point is true? no one is saying anything against Iran or its culture, i mean obviously it's the government's fault, but that doesnt change the fact that the problem exists. the same thing would happen in the US if it were devoid of domestic abuse laws, but that's irrelevent.

    im sure the iranian government doesnt reperesent the people. that's obvious. but at the same time it's going to have an effect, which is evident in the things previously described.

    and yes, i have iranian friends/people who visited iran. they say two things- iranians are mostly great people (duh) and the government has screwed the country over (duh). now what's the argument all about?

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