Iron Man

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  1. who's seeing it??
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  3. This movie looks horrible. Plus it's sent to die with GTA out at the same time.
  4. ...also is Iron Man some kind of comic book character? They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel: why has ever heard of Iron Man?!?
  5. wut? iron man is a BIG comic book. Its well known. Are you serial, or are you being sarcastic? I can never tell here.
  6. I don't read comic books.
  7. me neither, but I still know a bunch of them.

    Actually, I probably know them because I had Marvel: Nemisis for PSP...
    good game
  8. They aren't scraping the barrel, you're just ignorant old stew.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Downey Jr made this the best superhero film yet.
  9. Doubtful. I can already tell this movie will suck. But that 1% chance that I'm wrong will make me go see it anyway.
  10. everyone knows who Iron Man is Stew.
  12. Never heard of it or the movie.
    I'm sirius.
  13. The movie looks cool.
  14. good lord you need to get out of your #$%#ing basement stew. christ.
  15. not even the song?
    "I am Iron Man!"
  16. You are the dumbest #$%# on this site.

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