Irony: Alonso to Ferrari for $40 million

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    News of the World, a British tabloid, is reporting that Fernando Alonso, the two-time world driving champion who stuck a knife in his team’s back before the FIA, will be driving next year for Ferrari, at a price of $40 million a year. Perhaps the transition will be easier for Alonso, as he’s already familiarized himself with some of the secret characteristics and design features of Ferrari.

    It was Alonso, now with McLaren, who brought the heavens crashing down on that team, according to reports from last week. Alonso threatened that he would reveal incriminating emails to the FIA if team manager Ron Dennis refused to name Alonso the number one driver on the team. Dennis, either in an act of honesty or a move to preempt Alonso, informed the FIA himself. That brought about the renewed hearings that resulted in draconian penalties against McLaren, but not even a lash with a wet noodle in the direction of Alsonso, who stands a good chance of winning the driver’s title again.

    The open seat at Ferrari is Fillipe Massa’s: he’s going to Toyota, according to reports. Massa is said to be eager to leave Ferrari because he believes that team manager Jean Todt is going to lose an internal power struggle and be forced out in favor of former Ferrari designer Ross Brawn. Todt’s son is Massa’s manager.

    Given Alonso’s role in the scandal that has pitted Ferrari against McLaren in litigation for much of the season and continues to embroil McLaren officials in Italian legal proceedings, it is regrettable that Alonso has escaped penalty only to end up being paid $40 million by the team that benefited most from his betrayal of his current team.

    At least, Ferrari should know what it’s getting.

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  2. just some more water on the rumour mill <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  3. "News of the World, a British tabloid..."

  4. It would be a nice pair kimi / alonso

    if only he wasn't such a dick head
  5. Say it aint so
  6. I'll lol at Ferrari if that becomes true, and give a pad on Ron's back.

    Alonso is like the hot girlfriend who happens to be a nasty #%[email protected] Good to have but great to ditch!
  7. Like DTA said, take this with a tub of salt.
    I wouldn't be too surprised if it turned out to be true though.
  8. I'll stop supporting Ferrari if its true
  9. If this happens, Massa is gonna get screwed, which sucks, he has more passion for racing than the rest of F1 combined. When he wins, he's SO pumped and celebrates like mad, like he's truly amazingly happy he won. Most of the rest just pump their fist in the car and are like meh once they walk out onto the podium.
  10. QFT.
  11. dude i rate massa as highly as raikkonen
  13. wait, aLOLnso wanted to be named the best driver in the team, when hes clearly not? what a crybaby
  14. QFT ??
  15. WTF mate?
  16. #$%# this. Id hate for it to happen.
  17. ?????
  18. well, if this is true, alolnso will get the short straw when it comes to pit strategies in the final races. why would Ron put a bigoted driver who is leaving the team at the end of the season on equal footing, there's no reason for him to help alolnso into the points
    when something does go wrong for alolnso, ron will probably be jumping around the pit wall yelling "take that you #$%#ing prick"
  19. Alonso definitely won't be staying at McLaren next year. As for Ron's behavior, the team is under the watchful eye of the FIA to make sure Alonso is treated fairly after Alonso made his comments against McLaren in the scandal.
  20. What the #$%# does QFT mean...
  21. quit #$%#ing talking i think
  22. Seriously?

    Quoted For Truth.
  23. I've never heard that in my life...

    I doubt many other people here have either...

  24. "Alonso to Ferrari for $40 million"



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