Is 1000bhp really necessary?

Discussion in '2006 Gemballa Mirage GT' started by DCSdunks, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. took the words right out of my mouth
  2. id rather get a mclaren and save like $500,000 and its not like im gonna drive 240 anyways
  3. Oh piss of u fussy geeks of cousre it bludy is, just cus have a 30hp volkswagen beetle n are jealous
  4. 1000bhp is not NECCESSARY. It's just desired. It was the aiming point that Gemballa had before tuning the Carrera GT. They didn't happen to land on the number--it was their aim just for numbers sake.
  5. This car doesn't even exist and a stock Carrera GT is more than fast enough
  6. This car is more of a display of power than function. Of course 1000 horsepower isn't necessary, but all the horsepower that you NEED is to get from point A to point B. That is the beauty of supercars.
  7. f uck yes its necessary. c'mon dude. r u some kinda pussy?
  8. nope clearly it wasnt
  9. Tell you what is necessary, a 200kg weight reduction.
  10. Of course it's necessary. For bragging rights!
  11. is a Ferrari necessary? what about a nice car, is that necessary?
  12. No, but it's not about if it's necessary, it's about who can buy it, who has enough money/class to drive it... How many Veyron drivers would ever drive at 400Km/h? How many Cayenne Turbo S owners ever go offroad? How many McLaren F1 owners force their car to reach 60Mph in less than 3 seconds? Not even many Mustang owners driver over 200Km/h...

    I mean, is a $5,000 gold Rolex really necessary when you can get a Swatch for $100? or a Casio for less than $30? All of them just give us the time, everybody can get a Casio, somebody can get a Swatch, but no many can get a Rolex.
  13. not really? but the 1000hp supercars are getting bigger by the numbers. tell you what though....the day i see a 1000hp supercar that gets 32 mpg on 93 octane, can be handled even by a soccer mom and is ULEV-2 rated then i'll agree it would be neccessary. bugatti veyron is a little bit closer to reality than this "evolution" by gemballa. Evolution? show me when do cars evolve.....
  14. 1000bhp are not really necessary but what do you say about prestige?
  15. not like it'll compare to the Caparo T1 or anything... It would be cool to see a modified Carrera GT though...
  16. Would 1000 HP actually improve its lap times? It's like the Veyron, sure it can accelerate like hell and can go 240+mph but it's not a well rounded car by any means. Seems like another yuppie mobile designed to project what "could be" instead of what "can do".
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    it does exist my friend... and in fact, the first Mirage GT to ever be sold (numbered #001) is currently in a showroom in my country United Arab of Emirates... check the link below:
  18. I know one buyer who will put his supercars to their limits and will no doubt buy the gt.
    it is.
    it is.

    the Sultan of Brunei

    I wish i was related to him. then i could borrow his mclaren lm and race it from one end of brunei to the other end in like ten minutes.
  19. What kind of question is that? Of course it will improve lap times.
  20. this car has 1000bhp with a price tag of 2mil.

    but accelerates 0-60 in 3.5 and tops out only 330km/h.

    worth it? dont think so.
  21. 1) it states that it accelerates to 60mph in 3.8secs... not 3.5secs...2) the stats are wrong on this car because they are the same as the standard Carrera GT. 3) 1000bhp is neccesary and also most tuned high-performance road cars of this weight have 1000bhp and sometimes go over 1300bhp such as some skylines. basically if you paid that amount of money for a would expect it to have the performance you wanted.
  22. Unless the final drive was lowered signifigantly 1st and 2nd gear are most likely useless unless this car has some kind of boost controll to aid traction. This would most definetly slow down lap times seeing as 60-100mph is a vital area for acceleration on most tracks. If you step on the gas and your not going anywhere having those 400 extra horses isn't going to do a damn thing. On an oval track however those 400 extra horses would be a godsend. 140-180 mph acceleration would be greatly improved and all of gemballas extra downforce could actually be utilized. But seeing as i don't imagine this car will make it stateside i'm wondering how many oval tracks there are in Brunei. Also the fact that if you can afforrd a 2 million dollar car you most likely don't want to die in it the first time you go out. And if you have that kind of money to spend you most likely don't have the racing experience needed to tame this monster.
  23. nah.. can live without it.
  24. well from other sites ive heard the power has only gone up by 10 BHP, "from 635 to 645". i was looking forward to a new addition to the 1000 BHP club, but i suppose it wasnt meant to be...but still the Mirage looks great!

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