Is Acura doomed?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by xDRAN0x, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Saw the new 2018 TLX today, big stock exhaust pipes. Sounded like a corolla accelerating.

    3.5L , 290hp.

    ZZz much?

  2. I think they'll do fine. But it is a pretty boring car. I thought people bought Acuras because Hondas are boring? Rear is a dead ringer for the Accord, front is kinda ok, interior barely looks premium.
  3. I think they lost it since in the 2000s-2005, they really where ahead of the game.
  4. They need a hype vehicle that is below $100k like the BRZ.
  5. Why does Acura even exist.

    They're Honda's with a different badge
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  6. the brand was amazing in the 80s. The legend was one of the best cars you could possibly buy back then. The BMW 3 and the Acura Legend were untouchable. Nearly as perfect as a car could get.

    that was a long time ago.
  7. that always sounds like a good idea, but when you see that the ae platform sells about as good as boxed cancer, it's a hard pitch you make to investors that it's necessary for brand development.
  8. I think Acura needs better marketing. A boring solution for a boring brand. Talk more about sh-awd, make up some reason why is safer than Quattro. Talk about your hybrids by calling into question the long term longevity of the competition and compared that with the very long history of honda hybrids and conflate that the 20 year old Honda insight you remember way back when is still around.
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  9. Because many people are brand snobs.
  10. Acura (honda) needs to do something half exciting with their powertrains. the current flagship models are powered by the same old crummy SOHC v6 since the stone age. its a half decent engine but come on...
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  11. Acura, Lexus and Infiniti always appeared so lame to me. If their only purpose in existing is to fool other people into buying a car they initially wouldn't, then yeah, they will be inherently flawed cars.
  12. They all have potential though.

    Infinit Q50 with proper exhaust and infotainement/dash/console not designed by a full blown retard
    Acura TL/RL with proper engine and exhaust, priced under the germans.
    Lexus IS line is back to boring as ****. Get new engines and tranny and loose the Predator look ffs
  13. the real crapper here is infiniti
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  14. They should just badge them as Hondas and call it a day.
  15. Cars? In General Chat? ....... Ban-hammer?
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