Is anyone NOT using uber yet?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Atomic2, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Friend ordered it, thought RX-8 was CX-5 or something. It's mostly that the drivers don't know the city anywhere nearly as well as cabbies do.

    Friend of mine also got robbed and beaten up by an Uber driver. That was in Europe, but still feels relevant.
  2. this is my problem with uber as well. isn't it really easy for muderers/robbers/rap(p)ers to drive uber as well?
  3. They do background checks. I think how thorough they are depends on the area.
  4. Took my first Uber ride this weekend. Was stupid easy. Waited like 30 seconds for the car and was about the price of the bus.

    edit: your promo code didn't work, only for new accounts <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  5. Funny story - I am (as of yesterday) central Ohio's newest uber driver, haha.

    I summitted Mt Whitney a month ago in a day hike - 11 miles up, 11 miles down... and all I got to show for it was an ischial stress fracture and now I can't fUcking walk or work normally for two months.

    So my life is now bed, crawling, crutches, and pepper spraying bros who wanna act tough in my back seat.
  6. Sign up was stupid easy. Basically use the app to give them your info, SSN, picture of ID, insurance, registration... Background check took about 20 minites, bam. Earned my sister a freaking $500 referral bonus to boot.

    I know the city very well, but even if I was a noob I really don't see how you could be inefficient with a phone and a brain.
  7. Mt Whitney is no joke, congrats. That's a brutal slog.
  8. Haha its good to have someone to talk to who can relate. Definitely was brutal. Would recommend to others to stay at base camp overnight and rest for a night if I were to do it again. Although starting the hike at 1:30am allowed for some amazing stargazing, and probably helped with not letting me see the giant ass never ending mountain I was trying to climb.

    Sister started to show some signs of hypoxia, and brothers gf vision was starting to get wonky so they hung out just before the summit.

    I feel like the descent was what ruined me. We were all done with the majestic beauty and just wanted to get the #$%# down to the hotel and die in the bathtubs, so we were pounding pretty hard and fast down the granite trail. I felt fine a week or so afterwards, just sore, but it finally progressed into me not being able to run, then jog, then I decided it was time to get to the orthopedics' when all I could do was my best weekend at Bernie's impersonation.
  9. gf will be in Columbus this weekend. I'll make sure she requests Uber's most handsome driver.
  10. I'll try not to spray her with anything in the back seat <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>

    Gf? I sort of assumed you were married already for some reason. Taking your time?
  11. We're employing the V8Stangman Relationship Guidelines. Been together 9 years now, she'd like to have it on record, but we're holding off for various reasons.
  12. "varies reasons", aka, bought an M5 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  13. It's cool man, marriage is just a piece of paper. She'll always be your sister.
  14. hahahah
  15. Daaaaaaaaaammit.
  16. I choked slightly on what I was eating because of that. I hope you're happy
  17. incoming: wcw bangs M5 owner's gf, she says "shoulda putta ringonit," all stangman's fault
  18. Luckily here in USA #1 we have GPS navigation. Uber drivers use it and I've never had an issue with the driver not knowing where to go in the 10+ times I've used it. I even got a brand new Merc (?)350 when I opted for the basic Uber. Every Uber car I've been in had been better than the 4 shit taxis I've taken.
    People get raped and murdered by taxi drivers too. Welcome to real life.

  19. First genuine lol from this site in years
    Thanks wcw
  20. #$%#ing lol.

  21. Descents are always the worst on hikes. I've got the lungs and stubbornness to keep putting one foot in front of the other on climbs, but descents just bang my poor knees to bits.
  22. Definitley concur. Down is waaaay worse than up.
  23. This is what sort of makes me nervous. A background check that is worth a damn will not take 20 minutes. A 20 minute background check is basically a skim of database that courts report into if they feel like it (not a requirement for any court, purely at will).
  24. You'll be comforted to head the following then.

    That apparently was a cursory check, as I just got notice my full background check was completed and passed. Next up I have to get my car inspected by an ASE mechanic, apply for a special ID and placard for my car through the city, called a P2P ID. It seems like every time I complete my application there's a new step to take.
  25. Good to know. My job is basically managing the whole background check program for a nationwide staffing agency and its clients, so I usually get nervous when people say they instantly passed a background haha.

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