Is Gran Turismo 2 correct on this one?

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  1. One of my favorite games to play on the Playstation is Gran Turismo 2 and this is the exact same car you win in one of the races. It only had 425bhp yet when I used it, it smoked 500+bhp cars and had very surprising acceleration and great handling besides. If the game was true to actuality, this is the sweetest car ever!<!-- Signature -->
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    True dat, true dat. =o)<!-- Signature -->
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    Ya on GT3 I only have it at 699hp but its acceleration is the better than as my 968hp Raybrig NSX and within .005 seconds of my 1350hp
    GT-one and within .035 seconds of my 1042hp RGT. Very good power delivery.<!-- Signature -->
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    OH man, as long as we're talking GT3 then I've gotta say that RGT is insane. I tuned it the same way you did but took off the traction control and put simulation tires on it. I start on the grass before a straightaway and get the rear wheels sliding in 6th gear and do a burnout for about a quarter mile or so. INSANE. hahah yes. This GT40 is so awesome though. I love the paint job, it fits it perfectly. This is the best American car.<!-- Signature -->
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    in GT2 this is the greatest car providing u know how to drive it. i have friends(and i used to think the same) that the escudo was the greatest car but the GT40 raped in all the races i put it in. hell i think i mite go play rite now.....
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    I have nearly all the cars on GT3 and this is one of my favorites....Although I know a few cars that could smoke it in lateral acceleration and stuff like that....

    My Favorite cars in GT3:
    1. Toyota GT-One(1375hp)
    2. F-687/S(approx.950hp)
    3. GT40(approx.1000hp)
    4. Mazda 787B(963hp)
    5. Panoz Esperante(975hp)

    Those are curently my top 5 favorites right now.
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    GT-one has 1350 hp and GT40 can only get up to 699hp it doesn't have a thousand buddy...
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    eh, i don't see the zz2.....
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    What's up, there, guys. Maybe this will help? The GT40 Gulf Team Car P/N#1075 (the same car in GT3) 'does' 0-60 in 4.25 sec. and, with Le Mans gearing, (which it is still running) it'll run the quarter mile in 12.20 [email protected] mph. My father owns the car. By the way, it runs like a raped date. I'm glad ya'll like it. Take care.
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    hey have you won the dodge viper gts-R on GT3. ive been trying to get it but i dont know what races to win to aquire it!
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    It's a game, very rarely are ANY games EVER accurate.
    Awesome car though, killed Ferrari for Three or Four years striaght.
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    Actually by giving the car oil changes after each race (that is before you give it ALL the upgrades) you boost the hp by like 30 each time. i should know, I tried it. Im not sure if there's a limit to how much you can get out of the car, but its a useful tool.
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    Yea i dont really play Turismo but i do know this is a well made car and it is lite (not as lite as an MKIV) but it is lite.
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    Its strange that the MKIV was lighter despite the fact that it had a bigger engine.
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    Yea it would seem that the newer car would be better enginerred.
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    Seems so, huh? Well apparently one of them was. The GT40 Mk I Gulf Chassis #1075 has one more Le Mans races than any other single Le Mans car.
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    Yea i dont know why it wouldnt have better engineering but i know it was a good car. It won a lot of races.
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    Hell yeah. The GT40 is an amazingly good car, all of them.
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    Yea i love every single one of them.
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    can see that on your name...
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    As far as video games go, it's true that they rarely are accurate in their reproductions. However, the GT series is fantastically good at trying to make accurate models of cars, and they put a lot of work into it. The GT40 is a stomper of a car in GT2, I love the thing. It absolutely rages if you know how to handle it.
    Just for kicks, here's another Mid-engine, Rear-drive car you might find fun in GT2: the Jaguar XJR15..........around 420 HP if I remember correctly, I was actually able to compete with, and win against, cars up to 600 HP. It was surprisingly forgiving for a rear driver, bringing the back end back in nicely when releasing throttle, and a very light curb weight really helped too.
    Who thought the Escudo was the best? That thing is all HP and NO cornering! You want a FAST car? Get the 97 Nissan R390. Fully tuned, it was about 833 HP and could do over 270 on a good straightaway. Just for shits and giggles, I like to break out my 800 HP Renault Espace F1 minivan..........LOL
    BTW, I have the maximum 100 cars in my garage, all of them tuned to some degree. I know, I had too much time on my hands. Um.....does anyone miss the GRAPH TUNER for drive ratio from GT1? I hated how they took it out and just left the numerical values in there........
  22. the fastest car in GT3 is the F-094s. It only has 813 hp, but can go o-60 starting in 2nd gear in under 2 seconds. After 200 the escudo and other high cars beat it beacause of the insane downforce this cars got, but overall, nothing can compare to this car. The 686M F1 has faster accel bast 100, but cant corner. The F-094H is almost the same car but can't corner nearly as well. I set the front tire brakes to almost 1, and the rear maxed and i brake as i enter the turn and it turns on a dime. I start to brake seconds after im supposed to. This car destroys anything exept on the test course. also the one you get after 100% has 829 hp.
  23. Dammit, I haven't gotten the Raybrig NSX yet, wanted to for a little while now, but everytime I win a race in which you win a JGTC NSX, it always ends up being the wrong NSX, or I hit X at the wrong time and don't get it at all.

    Anyway, I think the Mugen NSX is the best of the 3 available JGTC NSX's, (and the best of the cars in the game, short of the F1 cars and the R390, haven't tried the GT1 yet, still haven't won that one either)mine is at 1033hp, and it outhandles the Arta NSX. After playing with the gears a little, short of my F090S (1990 McLaren Honda, at least it looks like it, probably Ayrton Senna as I've heard there are only 3 other driver's cars in the game, one Williams Renault, and one Lotus Honda), 1840hp Escudo, Tommy Kiara ZZII, it's the fastest accelerating car I've tried (0-400m and 0-1000m), Just edging out my 1180hp R390, all my other F1 cars (5 in total), 787B, then comes my GT40 (modified to somewhere around 700hp like you said) in 12th at the bottom. Very good given the power/weight ratio.

    Anyway, that's after winning, buying, modifying, testing, then selling pretty much every fast car in the game. I don't think it's entirely true to reality, there are bound to be some flaws in their physics simulation engine, afterall it's all just calculations, but I'm sure it's pretty true to reality.

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