Is it any wonder they're going out of business?

Discussion in '2006 Mitsubishi Concept-CT MIEV' started by DCSdunks, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. all i know is that this car is ugly and shouldnt even make it to production.
  2. Hey wait, maybe there is a surprise, maybe it can fly and travel in space!!!!!
  3. dont worry, most dont lol
  4. Yeah so you're just as wrong as the other guy. The Audi Le Mans Quattro concept is actually going to be produced, only Audi is renaming it the R8, after the Le Mans winning racer.
  5. there's a huge difference. slap some acual wheels and tires on the irobot car and it would sell as a production. and mazda's not really failing, but if they are it's because ford bought them. and started turning all their vehicles into ford vehicles (navajo and B2000 anyone?). but honestly, if all it takes is a drawing to be called a concept car then it would be like the 20's and 30's today. a car company on every other street corner. hell if that's what it takes then any bored 12 year old in school could be a multi-billionare professional automotive designer. plus it's just plane ugly as hell, and i'm seriously hoping that's just a shot of the rear end. that whole tear drop design went out in the 30's.
  6. I think you could say that about all German cars. For the most part, any two cars from a German manufacturing line will share LOTS of visual cues. Each Mercedes (car) looks like every other Mercedes car, same with BMWs to BMWS, Porches, Audis, VWs.... It's a stretch to say this car was based off of another Audi since it probably shares alot of characteristics with every other car on the Audi production line as well.
  7. Erhem, they were saying Mitsubishi was failing, not Mazda.....
  8. It's not just a drawing, dude. Look at the premium images below it. It's a full-scale concept that was shown at NAIAS. It looked innovative and interesting, and not butt-ugly and tough as was suggested with the drawing.

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