is it just me or is this ugly?

Discussion in '1994 Hamann F40' started by BurnOut3:16, Nov 3, 2002.

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    To refute come of these people's replies on this car's performance, especially that "Unknown Female"

    Many Formula One drivers have classified the original F40 car as the closest to a true F1 race car. This pretty much states that there can be not too much improvement done on it.

    And moving on to the guy who was talking about the MacLaren, the only area in wich the first model of that car really beat this one was in top speed. Everything else in it's performance got the crap beaten out by the F40, wich was designed and built some 5 years earlier. Maclaren had to make the GT varsion and the LeMans version of their car to finally beat Ferrari on this one. And that happened 8 to 10 years after this baby was made, in 1987. That's an enormous gap, if you consider the pace at wich computer systems advance in their speed, and integration to Automotive Engineering.

    This, no doubt about it, is THE best example of a car built purely for performance reasons, not putting aside the perfection of Italian Automotive Design. I mean, this is a car that had no option for leather upholstery, A/C, Stereo System, Power windows, sunroof or any of that crap that American "sportscars" offer. That's for luxury cars, not true, raw powered sports cars just like this one.
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    let me just say this:
    this car looks farking great! damn this thing is one crazy mo fo, the front up is like a F50!
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    its just u
  5. HeyRe: is it just me or is this ugly?

    THank you for actualy understanding what i was trying to say about this car, this does performe awesomely, but style wise i just couldnt get to like it, and as you said its not all Ferrari;s fault, do to the fact the Hamman did design this.
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    This is hideous, whereas the F50 GT is a work of art.
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    this car owns all of u n00bs`
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    What the F40 in geberal or the Hamann F40 ? Personally I think the normal F40 looks a lot better but the body on the Hamann would be purely functional.
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    I think this car is a work of art it looks great besides i dun care what the car looks like its how it performs...
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    i agree with you, ferrari. i think hamann's version of the f40 is no way as good as the original. though its a beast, it just doesnt look like a satisfactiory ferrari.
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    i repect ur opinion, but dont blame ferrari for this damn ugly f40, it aint there fault, its hamanns fault. They modified it this way m8 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    greetz one hell of a carfreak
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    this car is ugly. i cant believe that Hamann would "modify" a car that is already a legend in itself. that is COMPLETELY unnecessary! and "modifying" the F40 made it uglier! honestly, they should have trashed the design first thing it was done. the worst part is that this was done to at least one out of about 1200 cars. i had respect for Hamann and what they did, but seeing this, i think i've lost it...
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    For Marinello and Ferrari, i'd like to state these two points,
    i do beleive the pictures do make it look bad.

    and as for marinellos statement on the designers who make the car, i'd like to state that in most cars, other than those obviously like the Ferrari F40 and such cars specifically built for a single purpose, that most cars are built for a general targeted age group, such as a mustang which is targeted for younger people that can't spend 40k on a sports car, or an elder person that wants to rejuvinate their younger lives. So that brings me to the point that customization is a standard way of a person taking something and turning that into their personal toy.
  14. It's just you.
  15. cant say i'm with you, but i'm not against you, yes i would love to drive it and all the rest that comes with it, but I just cant say i like it as much as the stock one.
  16. It's just you. Aerodynamics almost invariably make a beautiful shape. look at the Spitfire, Porsche 962, Thrust SSC. It's when art school designers try to draw something that looks aero that it gets ugly, for instance, Prius and Veyron
  17. Ya it's just you. In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful ferrari's. The Ferrari 206 Dino is a beautiful car, yet the Ferrari FF. Not so much, This is alot closer to the 206. I think alot of car lovers would back me up on this.

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