Is it just me or...?

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  1. Is it just me, or are all of the Hummer veicles just a bunch of giant boxes on wheels? when i see one of these, i see strenth under the hood, but style wise... it is just a giant box on wheel, honoslty these have no style what so ever. i can understand with power why have style, but if thats the case, then what about Ferrari lamborhgini Lotus, benz, lexus, ect. they have style and power
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    um...are u stupid??? First of all, the H1 is a hell of a lot better than this car. But Hummers have their own style altogether, so i dont know what ur talking about style. If you dont like it, thats your opinion, but personally i think its a very stylish car, but this is not the reason its a great car(the H1 mostly). The H1 can travel through 40" of water and climb rocks that are seemingly impossible to manuever. It has a 60% grade capability, 40% sideslope, everything you could ever want in an offroad vehicle. The only thing i dont particularly like about it(the H1 still, because everyone knows its a much better car than the H2) is the fact that its only 190 hp. I mean 0-60 time is 18 seconds. Although i realize that this car is not a sports car, a 10 second 0-60 time would be more reasonable, possibly a 350 hp engine, keeping the large amount of torque though, which is already 430 lb ft.
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    I know this car can climb and everything, but my main concern is the style, i know many like its looks but it really does look like a giant box
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    People seem to be leaning towards simplicity. A box on wheels. Apparently that's what people want. I don't understand it, but that is what people want. If the designers lean a little-bit more towards a garbage-truck design and make it six-wheel-drive and put it's gas mileage in the sub 5-mpg range, they would quadruple their sales. ".....I've been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding...." (and buying SUVs)
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    this thing sux

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