Is it production?

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  1. Because then it would tie itself with the McLaren for production car speed record, though I think I have already said that once....
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    Yes, it is a production car, but not for sale yet that I know of...
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    yes, it's now for sale in a whole bunch of countries, and, it's actually faster than a mclaren, I saw a test for pure speed, and the Koeniggseg won
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    Where did you see that? Link?

    BTW the first car was delivered to it's owner on the Geneve motorshow.
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    your point? what's it matter?
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    Yeah, its for sale.
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    His point was that he wanted to know where you got your information that the CC was faster than the Mclaren and your not just making it up. Because the last I heard is that they fell short of the Mclarens record topping out around 220 i beleive which is much slower than the F1. So I would also like to know where you got your information that it was faster than the MCL.
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    240 is the calculated top speed using gear ratios and power. However in their recent top speed testing the Koenigsegg CC8S hit 365 km/h. This was just a warm up run and was not pushing the car to top speed, however heavy rain began to fall before a second run could be started so the tests were abandoned. They hope to return to testing and are confident they can reach and probably even exceed the 240 mph calculated top speed.
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    Actually, he can speak for himself, thanx.
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    To clear it up, this does have a higher top speed than the McLaren.
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    Ye i am pretty sure that it is for sale now. I believe that the first one ever sold was red .I do not know how much it sold 4 tho
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    It was tested and got close to the 240Mph benchmark the McLaren set but it rained so they didn't want to push the car. Look at it this way, it got close to the McLarens speed in the rain whilst it wasn't being pushed as hard as it could.
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    Could you be anymore right?
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    Sadly, but true. Would have been nice if they did tho.
    It just looked like a sense of modesty on the CC's part,
    as if it was just LETTING the Mc do it's thing, while
    the CC was actually giving a sorta mercy show. 0-60 might
    not match, but longrun power is all ups for the CC.

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