is it worth it to upgrade??

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  1. i'm running a P4 1.5, with 256 of SDRAM...

    i'm gonna be learning Autodesk Inventor next term, but i'm worried my comp won't be able to handle it... (i've acquired a version of Inventor Series 9 already...)

    is it worth it to get another thing or two of RAM?

    (i have a GeForce 2 card already, it's compatible with the software, so i'm not worried about that...)
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    SDRAM is shit slow compared to what you can get nowadays.. Get with the program. Sell it for a couple hundred (and by that I mean like $200) Just look at the requirements for it..

    Preferred System
    This configuration is suggested for large assembly design with 1,000 parts or more.
    Intel® Pentium® 4, Xeon®, or Athlon™ processor, 1.8 GHz or better processor
    Microsoft® Windows® XP (Professional or Home Edition, SP1) or Windows 2000 Professional (SP3 or later)
    1.0 - 3.5 GB RAM
    2 GB free disk space for product and content libraries
    64+ MB or more OpenGL®-capable workstation-class graphics card

    Recommended System
    This configuration is suggested for part and assembly design with fewer than 1,000 parts.
    Pentium III, Pentium 4, Xeon, or AMD Athlon processor, 1 GHz or higher
    Microsoft Windows XP (Professional or Home Edition, SP1) or Windows 2000 Professional (SP3 or later)
    512 MB RAM or more
    2 GB free disk space for product and content libraries
    64 MB OpenGL-capable graphics card

    My suggestion is to build your own rig on I can help you if you want or visit and they will be glad to get you on your way. You can probably install more ram, but it will be hella laggy and I can tell you that from experience. I had 512MB of PC133 and when I built my new rig I got a 512MB stick of PC3500 and it felt 10x faster in loading times. For applications like that, I would think more cache would do the trick. Go with a P4 3.2E or if your on a budjet, 2.8E. Those are the Prescott versions with 1MB L2. If you can spend some more money try the new Athlon 64 2800+ and up with 1600Mhz FSB and 1MB L2. And don't skip out on the RAM. Get at least a 512MB stick of Corsair Value or Kingston Value PC3200
  3. of course, i'd like to get a new comp.... but i can't afford it rite now....

    i'm just wondering if i should just spend about 70 cdn, which is the price of another stick of 256 sdram... or should i just leave it, save up and buy a new comp?...

    out of the recommended specs, the only thing i'm missing is the RAM... i'm definately not gonna be building anything that's gonna require the prefered system.
  4. Not worth it for another stick of RAM, you need a new computer.

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