Is life...

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  1. Louis Theroux is brilliant.

    He's recently made a film about Scientology but I don't know when it'll be on general release
  2. You haven't learned shit from this thread.

    Everyone on is an annoying twat

    Hemistage likes to kill niggers

    You are indeed not very informed about many things

    You ARE #$%#ing autistic as hell

    You probably need to go outside and get some fresh air

    Life is an Albanian whorehouse

    NB and V-ice are pretty smart

    You're #$%#ing welcome


  3. This reads like the lyrics to a Wesley Willis song
  4. ive got a tiny violin you can shove up your ass
  5. Hippo quit pretending you are a hardcore bad boy
    I think you are just acting to get respect which u don't get

    As far as I can tell u are just an angry and vulgar piece of shit

    My advice to anyone who actually has any self respect
    Is to leave this website

    Nobody has any respect for you here

    I don't know what this website has become
    It isn't a supercar site it's a hangout for bully's and people who think
    They are tough.

    The joke is on all of you who keep visiting.

  6. Don't forget Algerians. Hemi hates them too.

    Supersonic, you should stay. Stop being so serious. Everyone is just #$%#ing about.
  7. Part of being a man is busting balls. That's what 70% of this site is. You post something and everybody busts your balls. That's why we come here. That's what guys do. If you aren't autistic you at least have asbergers and haven't left your closet to find out what it's like in the real world or interacting with real people.
    I like almost everybody on this site. Even the ones I don't like. Because they all give me something to do when I'm bored. Or I can always count in someone to give me a chuckle.
    You unfortunately aren't one of them. You have some sort of issue. And you need to go outside and touch a tree. Or maybe a boob. Maybe even get your dinky stinky.
    Either way quit posting stupid shit. And quit getting so butt hurt over everything.
    And no murdering people or torturing small animals please.
  8. stop picking on 944turb0
  9. yes, his temper is perfect for the kind of interview and reporting he does.
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    Hardcore bad boy eh

    I build model airplanes and play recorder in a baroque music orchestra...

    This site has always been a bit "special". manages to be shitty in a way that makes you love its shittiness. Something like this:

    If you want to fight your way trough spambots to discuss whether hennessy viper with nos is better then lambergini or farrari coz it makes comfortobley over 1500hp, the indies will cater to your preferences.
  11. A moment I remember from one of his shows was when he was sitting in a garage with a neo-nazi and his friends, just chatting, when he asked the neo-nazi something along the lines of

    "what would you do if I told you I was Jewish"

    He's not Jewish, but I suppose some may say he looked it, so the reaction was pretty interesting. Nothing blew up, but it was tense.
  12. hehe yeah he does go deep with the subject and ask basic but revealing quesitons

    dont think he has done anything new since
  13. Life is life. Why is my nose purple today? Noone knows

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    The ultimate fetish is not to kill. I think it's to take you and your family to the least violent place in the world with the most social safety nets, because that's where your kids have the greatest chance of success.

    I had a change of heart recently.

    It's getting a bit bumpy out there now, like morally uncomfortable. Now that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died yesterday, the race to the white house actually REALLY matters.
  15. This thread is pretty heavy bros
  16. I would trust you to sell me home owner's insurance.
  17. Ok I'm back

    I figured out the one overall driving force

    Love and the need to be loved

    Sorry for insulting christoffur and hippo

    I don't like being insulted anymore than u do.
  18. africa nigger drink wheelman wine?
  20. #niggerlivesmatter
  21. He's professionally awkward.
  22. Take a hike and breath some fresh air. It can be helpful.
  23. Ya, it is and pretty pointless too.

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