Is she pretty?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BuickGNXkillsALL, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. jjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
  2. Koko, you can dead lift 9999999999 pounds, and you couldn't spare her one? You are an asshole.
  3. I dont regret my decision. Im glad I didnt have sex with her.
  4. Ohhhh dear.
  5. "i didnt wanna break her in"

    nice verbiage
  6. 4 months? And no sex? Youre not worthy of your manhood. Remove your balls and leave them on the counter.
  7. Uruguay
  9. -Looks like a more muscular and hairier version of Freddie Mercury

    -Shares fleshlight with buddy

    -Has extreme religious views about homosexuality

    -Doesn't put peepee inside woman vajayjay



  10. yeah but isn't remi a strict catholic? this isn't a surprise
  11. Dont think hes catholic hes some kind of baptist/evangelical methodist whatever the heck
  12. isnt every american christian lol
  13. hahaha nice w00t
  14. I am more of a man than you. LOL, this coming from a scrawny dutch boy.

    What I resisted doing took more balls than any of you have.
  15. I belong to no sect. I am a Christian, but I go mainly to an Armenian protestant church and I sometimes go to Armenian Orthodox Church.

  16. Ive been with plenty of women, but since I care about something someone has preserved for her whole like (almost 25 years), I respected it and even when I knew I had a chance I restrained myself (something Ive never done before). I dont expect most of you (especially non religious people) to understand, and that is fine. This doesnt affect my manhood at all. I am confident I am quite the man thank you very much.
  17. More blue balls, anyway.
  18. You're almost

  19. he'll just *** 2 death
  20. If you didn't have sex you weren't dating, just hanging out.

    And you've done her no favours by protecting her virginity. 25 year old virgin is freakin weird.
  21. what if she hasn't preserved it , what if she just can't get rid of it...or worse what if she preserved it wrong and its sour like pickles ...
  22. If you are asking on what they think of your woman, you obviously have issues.
  23. No way she is a virgin.

    She has had several multicock experiences.
  24. +1
  25. Like all women, she likes to have her hair ripped out while being throat#$%#ed with a Gerber Mark II and also several cocks.

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