Is the Crown Victoria police car speed limited ?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by elripper, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. Don't know if it's electronically limited, but I remember seeing a while back in one of my car magazines that it's top speed is around 130mph or so. They were comparing the new police Impalas (which have a top speed of like 124mph) to the Crown Vics.
  2. i believe so. the hell if i know. they're slow in either case, both them and the impalas.
  3. Yes they are. A good buddy of mine is a cop and it's limited to 200 km/h.
  4. what if someone's going faster than 200km/h?
  5. Police aren't really supposed to chase in situations like that.

    Case in point: a seasoned FHP officer in Florida died in an FHP Camaro after losing control at 150MPH. In death, he was chided by department heads for pursuing.
  6. OK thanks, top speed is supposed to be like 200 km/h

    but my friends focus was limited to 180 by fire cut-out

    and here in canada they won't run after ppl at more than 180, because the roads are in bad shape

  7. They use Caprices and Camaros for that around here.
  8. quick question, a while ago on those wild police chase show thingies, they had this one where the cops was chasing this Corvette, a c4, going like 150-160, why did they allow that one to continue pursuit?
  9. They kinda didn't. They backed off and had the police and news helicopters follow him, then when he slowed down, they got back on him.
  10. what were they chasing him for?

    what were the road conditions like?

    if he was a mass murderer and the roads were perfectly clear and in perfect weather then they'd probably let it carry on...
  11. Is that the one where he swipes the back of a semi, and gets ejected from the car and isn't hurt at all?
  12. there use to be a rumor goin round that cop cars were supercharged V8's. i asked a cop once and he said no.... but he said that they have better tires and suspension....

    guess thats for offroad chases...
  13. I asked him the same question and he said that they let him go away.
    With the licence plate number, they will get him sooner or later.
  14. I doubt they limit it to 180 because of the conditions of the road. Its probably because it is too dangerous to drive at such speeds so they don't want to put innocent people at risk, by themselves driving fast and by provoking the criminal into driving even faster and more wrecklessly. If the criminal they are pursuing is being convicted of serious offences, they will use other means than car chases to catch him.
    Here in the UK they will not pursue you for minor offences if you refuse to stop, as it is too dangerous for the general public.
  15. Its for jumping curbs.
  16. They sure got handling packages, but somehow they always have the biggest engine option, like LT-1 in caprices and 351 in crown vics
  17. yep, thats the one, and the vette is totalled and the wipers are still wiping. and to veyronman, the roads was kinda busy, and it was like a interstate in arizona, the road was in average shape i assume.
  18. and is it true that back a few years ago that the police sued ford cause when the crown victorias had an impact from the rear it use to cause a spark in the fuel tank causing an expolosion?????
    and i dnt thnk camaros are a good i dea to cause when they apprehend the speeder where will they get him to sit in the car????
    besides there are better sport cars they can use!!!
  19. I know a guy who got caught by highway patrol in a camaro police car, they call reinforcement, it's mainly for use in high speed pursuit

    and i dont see any car with better performance for 30-35k...

    May be an STI but they weren't for sale at this moment, but i know subaru makes an sti police car.
  20. They just chase the guy down then call in backup to haul him away.
  21. they do? post pics of it. NOW!!!!
  22. Caprices???? They can't be faster than Crown Vics, can they?
  23. It would have to be an impressive spark. Gasoline is not as flammable as many might think (as in you can throw a lit cigarette into a pool of gasoline and it won't ignite, though a lit match will do the job).
    And I do know that you can set the cruise control right at 125 mph in a police Impala.
  24. Can LT1 Caprice can go like 140 no problem, if conditions are favorable they'll go all the way up to their rev limited 154 mph.

    I've been in an Impala SS doing 145 (same thing as a caprice), smooth as glass. The P71 Crown Vic maxes out at like 125, and it isn't stable like the Caprice.

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